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For the offenses prosecuted on complaint, therefore, the injured party may request the implementation of criminal measures through the ordinary means of the lawsuit, or by immediately resorting to the Justice of Peace on the basis of Article. 21 of Legislative Decree 274/00.

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The appeal to the complaint does not in any case hinder the subsequent submission of the appeal, provided that the limit of three months is taken into account.

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Illicit data in the IT sphere. In implementation of a regulation of the European Union (R [9] 89), the regulation 547/93 has introduced into national legislation a set of offenses (called IT) distinguished by the assumption that the illegal action concerns or is carried out through electronic means or telematic.

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These recent illicit cases are:

Unlawful implementation of one s own reflections (Article 392 of the Italian Civil Code)

Damage to public use systems (Article 420 of the Italian Civil Code)

Unreliability in IT documents (article 491-bis c.p.)

Illegitimate entry into IT systems (Article 615-ter c.p.)

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Possession and unlawful disclosure of entry codes (Article 615-quater c.p.)

Disclosure of applications aimed at damaging or arresting an IT system (Article 615-quinquies of the Civil Code)

Transgression of communication and information technology and telecommunications (Article 616, 617-quater, 617-quinquies, 617-sexies c.p.)

Dissemination of confidential documentation (Article 621 of the Italian Civil Code)

Remote transfer of data (Article 623-bis of the Civil Code)

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Damage to computer or telecommunications systems (Article 635-bis of the Italian Civil Code)

Fraud with IT tools (Article 640-ter c.p.).

Offense, outrage, defamation

He is guilty of injustice (Article 594 of the Civil Code) who offends the dignity or decency of a person present, and is sanctioned with imprisonment for up to six months or with a fine of up to € 516.46. The defamation offense (Article 595 of the Civil Code) is the person who insulted the judgment of third parties in the absence of the defamed person. In this case the punishment is imprisonment up to one year and the fine up to € 1032.91.

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The unlawful slander (Article 368 of the Criminal Code) differs from the outrage and libel which occurs if a person, with a complaint, appeal, request or complaint, even if unknown or otherwise, addressed to the judge or to another body obliged to communicate it to the judge, impute an individual of which he / she knows not guilty, or pretends to be against another person the evidence of an unlawful act. For the illicit of slander, the punishment is imprisonment for two to six years, except for the aggravation hypothesis.

The jurisprudential doctrine has specified that it is not indispensable that a criminal trial has begun on the part injured by the unlawful act, suffice only for the mere possibility that this process begins.

Intimidation, private mistreatment.

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All those who intimidate third parties with an unlawful damage are sanctioned, on complaint of the injured party, with a fine of up to € 51.65 (Article 612 of the Italian Civil Code). The punishment is imprisonment for up to a year and continues on the job, if the intimidation is heavy or is carried out with arments, by a false subject, or by a group of individuals, or with anonymous documents, or by means of symbology, or using the menacing violence that comes from secret unions, or from more than five subjects grouped together, using weapons, or from more than ten individuals even without arments.

On the other hand, the offense of private mistreatment (Article 610 of the Civil Code) is one that, with aggression or intimidation, obliges third parties to perform, endure, or suspend an action. The established punishment is imprisonment for up to four years.

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Shots, wounds.

The wrongdoing of beating (Article 581 c.p.) who beats someone, if the action does not involve damage to the physical or psychological well-being of the injured party. The punishment is imprisonment for up to six months or a fine of up to € 309.87. If, on the other hand, a person causes a wound to the person, which causes damage to the physical or psychological well-being of the injured party, he is sanctioned with imprisonment from three months to three years (Article 582 of the Civil Code).

If the damage does not lead to a prognosis of more than twenty days and no condition of exacerbation takes place, the offense can be sanctioned on complaint by the injured party.

The injury to the person is considered heavy, and the detention is from three to seven years:

In the case in which the action provokes a pathology that involves risks for the life of the injured party, or a pathology or an inability to perform the normal functions for a period longer than forty days;

In the case in which the gesture causes the constant debilitation of a sensory activity or of an organism.