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What are the news (personal information) defended by the law on the protection of privacy?

The Legislative Decree 30.6.2003, n. 196 (Personal Information Security Code, or privacy code), which replaced the law n. 675/96 and various other legislative decrees and norms in the aforesaid discipline, clarifies as personal information all data related to a physical, legal, institute or association, recognized or recognizable, even indirectly, through the link with any other information, including an individual identifying numerical figure.

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The type of individual information is however very general and contains in it any type of documentation concerning physical subjects or institutions.

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You can not get a complete list of news items that can be defined as individual information. Here are several examples:

Name, surname, company name

Residence, home, residence, office

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Marital status

Telephone and fax services and traffic


ICQ number

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Accessibility codes

Identification codes

LOG and Cookies files (from these, in fact, it is possible to obtain documentations connected to the consultations carried out by a subject to certain Internet sites)

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Education news

Job news

Economic news

Acoustic effects and figures if the aforementioned news comes from a specific subject (such as the filming of surveillance cameras)

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Another defense is assigned to sensitive individual information on the basis of Article 4 of Legislative Decree 196/03, ie useful information to highlight:

racial and ethnic origin

beliefs at the religious, philosophical or other levels

political ideas

participation in party associations, trade unions, religious, philosophical, political or trade union confederations

individual news to identify the physical condition and the sexual sphere

For the same it is actually useful that the authorization permission is signed.

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Other important limitations are also ensured for documents at the judicial level.

In various circumstances, the individual information manager must inform the Guarantor of his willingness to proceed (Article 37 of the Code).

Those who believe they have been damaged in relation to individual information can protest, or resort to the Guarantor or instead refer to the Authority at the judicial level.

In addition to the refund of the damage, certain administrative fines are also provided for.

For a crime on the processing of information, for groundlessness in the news and lack of security regulations, penal fines up to 3 years in prison and fines of up to 50,000 $ are also provided.