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What rights can the subject claim on the basis of the processing of individual information electronically?

Article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/03 defines that, based on the processing of individual information:

The subject can obtain proof of the presence or absence of individual information investing it, even if not yet entered, and its transmission in a legible form.

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The subject can receive:

the origin of individual information;

the aims and methods of treatment;

the system used when a treatment is applied with the help of IT tools;

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the identification of the owner, the managers and the delegate indicated according to article 5, paragraph 2;

the persons or types of persons to whom the individual information can be announced or who can learn it as a registered owner in the state territory, managers or delegates.

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The subject can have:

the updating, if desired, of the integration of personal information;

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the deletion, modification in an anonymous format or all the information examined as a violation of the law, including those whose protection is not useful according to the purposes for which the information was obtained or subsequently analyzed;

the attestation that the interventions a) and b) have been acquired, also for what concerns their meaning, by those to whom the information has been transmitted, except for the situation in which such compliance is not possible or foresees a use of instruments clearly inadequate in relation to the right to be protected.

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The subject can argue, totally or only partially:

for reasons relating to the processing of their individual information, albeit relevant to the purpose of collection;

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to the processing of your personal information for the purpose of transmitting advertising or direct sales or for the implementation of market or commercial surveys.

Such rights are made with a request to the appointee or to the delegate, to whom the right response is applied without further hesitation.

What are the illicit computer-related?

Thanks to a regulation at Community level (R [9] 89), law 547/93 has included in our legislation various illicit acts (called computerized ones) distinguished by the intuition that the illegal action has as its effect or instrument of the unlawful an apparatus computer or on an electronic level.

Such current types of offenses concern:

Arbitrary action of one s own motives (Article 392 of the Civil Code)

Criminal attempt at public service structures (article 420 c.p.)

False computer documentation (article 491-bis c.p.)

Illegal access to an information system (Article 615-ter c.p.)

Possession and illegal issuance of accessibility codes (Article 615-quater c.p.)

Issuing of programs aimed at spoiling or blocking an IT system (Article 615-quinquies of the Civil Code)

Transference of correspondence and information at the IT and telematic level (Article 616, 617-quater, 617-quinquies, 617-sexies c.p.)

Dissemination of secret documents (Article 621 c.p.)

Remote dissemination of documents (Article 623-bis of the Civil Code)

Damage of equipment at an IT or telematic level (Article 635-bis of the Italian Civil Code)

Computer fraud (Article 640-ter of the Civil Code).