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The law firm offers its services primarily in the judicial district of the Court of Appeals of the City of CC and mainly in the judicial district of RRD and in the separate unit of Vittoria. Moreover, he works with different lawyers offices spread throughout It.

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The study carries out activities concerning protection, judicial support and opinions in the various fields of criminal and private law.

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The lawyers of the firm work taking into particular consideration the code of ethics and with an agile structure so that the assisted-specialist relationship is founded on a deep trust and speed. The specialists are characterized by their remarkable competence, transparency and total discretion.

Each lawyer working in the study, in the execution of the job duties, uses the most innovative technological means, whose use is also aimed at increasing the efficiency of work services granted to the assisted.

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The law firm deals with all the stages of legal support at criminal level, both to defend the individuals involved in the trial, as investigators or indictants (under arrest or free), and for the protection of the injured parties from the offense.

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The study is able to offer support for all sorts of illicit, even taking into account the exclusive qualification in the field of criminal trial that allows you to face all the stages and all levels of the process.

The variety of offenses is the one established by the penal code and by the special basic norms: offenses against individuals and property, against public administrative bodies, sexual disorders and mistreatment, illicit drugs and alcohol abuse, road accidents and in the workplace, tax offenses and even corporate and bankruptcy, computer offenses etc.

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The study also deals with all ancillary criminal proceedings, including at international level: approval of prison benefits; implementation claims (requisitions, expropriations, etc.); extradition proceedings and a Community arrest warrant; implementation of proceedings at the European Court of Human Rights. Support is guaranteed, if necessary, also with the contribution of trustworthy collaborators of the firm throughout It and in other countries, and at every stage of the different processes, including the court of co (with the drawing up of appeals before the supreme court and their analysis).

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The head of the study has carried out defense activities even before the Constitutional court. The support process consists of a preliminary discussion during which the case is presented and then be examined in detail for the purpose of developing a defense strategy.

This strategy is illustrated to the client and its aspects are uncertain if anything uncertain; Expected costs are shown before acceptance of the job.

The defensive activity includes all the essential functions on the procedural and pre-trial level, if it is necessary to start - taking into account the ethical profile of legal work - direct defense investigations (listening to testimonies according to the law on the defensive investigation of the 2001, searches, investigations, etc.) or with the help of investigative agents or study assistants.

To the client who wants to request it, the function of the study is also illustrated in legal cases of public importance, always taking into account the privacy of individuals.

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Privacy that, of course, is in any case respected, in compliance with legislative norms and ethical aspects. Sal study legal assistance provides guidance and support in the reimbursement of damages resulting from criminal events.

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Article. 2043 of our civil code states that "any intentional or presidential intention, which causes others an illegitimate damage, requires the protagonist of this event to reimburse the damage".

This type of guilt is also called non-self-employment precisely because it concerns all those who have not been previously bound by an agreement or any type of relationship, but only relate when the behavior of one causes damage to another.

It follows, therefore, that this harmful gesture implies the birth, for the individual who carries it out, of a duty of reimbursement on condition that they are in any case attested to all the conditions required by the legislation.