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The study provides indications and legal support on the extrajudicial and judiciary in the city of Nap0 and in the province, for the purpose of reimbursement of damage to objects or individuals (violations) resulting from: accidents at school, at work, roadside, road traffic , penetrations of water, capitomboli from bus - boats - trains - trams, objects in custody, damaged holidays. legal assistance study provides indications and support for the reimbursement of damages caused by medical fault.

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The study, for the purpose of a fair compensation for damages, performs various extrajudicial and judicial tasks aimed at proving the guilt of the doctor.

The initial aim of the study is, however, to have a reliable medical and legal practice of an indispensable and decisive part to detect the real implication of the doctor and the connected causal link between his action and the damage caused.

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The client s medical and legal practice is very important because it specifies whether the damage caused by the client has been caused by the way in which the doctor acts, with negligence, inability or unconsciousness having made a tolerable or intense medical mistake.

When the appraisal has been obtained, the study will initially take care to send one or more legal missives, to the doctor who performed the surgery operation and / or to the medical or hospital facility, in order to make sure, without starting the process, fair refund of any damage had. In the event that the aforesaid preventive function does not have beneficial outcomes, the law firm will take care to sue judicially those who have made the medical mistake.

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How to act in the hypothesis of medical error?

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If you think you have been injured by a medical mistake, it is useful, first of all, to ask all the clarifications of the case to the doctor and / or to ask for further clarifications to the director of the hospital garrison or the private medical institution where the operation took place of surgery.

If you still have doubts about the probable clarifications received by the aforementioned subjects, you must ask the administrative body of the hospital or private clinic, official duplicate of the clinical and surgical records (in the hypothesis of operations), and duplicate of the signature granted by the customer for "notified approval".

This documentation is of fundamental importance because it highlights the consented danger and also the type of medical or clinical therapy of which the client has been informed.

In fact, it often happens that the client is not aware of the tasks that will be performed for his case (for example, a specific and dangerous operation, treatment with drugs in the trial phase or perhaps essential but with probable secondary effects risky, possible complications) .

legal assistance study guarantees to its clients a very efficient performance of repayment of sums. Obtained the mandate from the client, one of the lawyers of the firm takes promptly to contact the insolvent to try to find a solution to the case on the out-of-court level.

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If this initial maneuver has no result, the subsequent function will consist in delivering a legal warning letter to the insolvent, recognizing a due date (on average 10 days) to pay the sums due. If this choice had no positive effect, all the instruments set by national legislation will be adopted to recover certain sums.

Nevertheless, before spending any money on the assisted person, the study will create a map (eg company survey, report) to analyze the state of the assets of the insolvent and the possession of movable property and property cataloged that refer to its name .

If these investigations are to have positive effects, the sums will be recovered by judicial procedure, with the delivery to the judicial body of a request by order of injunction or, in case you already have documents (eg exchange letters, securities credit, ordinances, deeds from a notary public or public officers), to inform the insolvent with a notice containing the order to comply with it within ten days.

It should be noted that, in the case of acceptance of the request by order of injunction, the insolvent has another 40 days from the date on which he received the communication to respect the charge he was charged with. In the event that within the aforementioned term there has been no payment or there has been a refusal, the judicial penalty becomes operational and the creditor can continue with the requisitioning of the assets of the insolvent.

In the hypothesis of communication of the order, on the contrary, after 10 days from the notification of the same to the insolvent without the actual payment of the sums, it will be possible to proceed with the requisition and with the obligatory assignment of the assets of the insolvent.