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Many times it happens, unfortunately, that the insurance institution does not pay its customer within the established time, or grants a miserable indemnity allowance, that is, not compared to the actual damage, of greater entity in relation to the sum granted by the insurance company.

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In any case, in some cases, the insurance company completely leaves its users alone, rejecting the repayment of the damage because it may consider them imputable to the road accident.

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In these cases, the only action to be taken is to expose one s claims to the judicial level, that is, to sue one s own insurance body by appointing a lawyer specialized in road accidents.

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Precisely in these circumstances, the competence and preparation of the law firm are revealed, which will first consider the possibility of starting a case and in the case of a positive estimate will support one s client until the final success.

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The law firm provides free legal advice and legal support in such cases: 1. reimbursement of damage to the car / moped and / or bodily injury (injuries) to the individual resulting from a traffic accident due to "wrong travel", " speed surplus "," roadway raid "," right of way "," disregard of road signs "," impact ".

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2. reimbursement of damage to the advantage of the third party on board: the damage to the individual received from the third person on board is indemnified by the insurance company of the car on which he was at the time of the accident, regardless of the guilt or not. of the drivers involved in the accident.

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Disruption of the road, pit on the sidewalk.

4. reimbursement of damage due to the collision between a car and a beast .5. refund of damages due to the passage of boats / ships. 6. reimbursement of damages resulting from road accidents in It with cars registered in other countries.

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7. Reimbursement of damage to individuals or objects resulting from road accidents occurring in foreign countries. legal assistance study provides indications and support on the extrajudicial and judicial level in all aspects concerning family law.

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The legal benefits granted by the study in this area are mainly of interest: reimbursement of damages due to opposition to marriage, request for acceptance of the minor s marriage, request for marriage acceptance in case of relatives or similar affairs, resistance to marriage marriage, marriage fund establishment, transfer of assets of the marriage fund, judicial separation of assets, invalidity of marriage, marriage refutation, request for protection against offenses in the family, permission to sell the minor s property, permission to acceptance of hereditary goods donated to the minor, expiry of the authority on the offspring,

family conciliation, separation of joint consorts of the spouses, legal separation, divorce, change of the conditions of separation and divorce, assignment of the children, drafting of cohabitation agreement, adoptive procedure of a minor in abandonment, adoption of an Italian minor, adoptive procedure of an adult subject, adoptions on the international level, adoptive procedure in non-ordinary cases.

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The marriage oath can be explained as the proclamation with which two individuals commit each other to realize the marriage union. In this context, however, a distinction must be made between: the official commitment (so-called spousal), distinguished by the existence of the formal and substantial elements established by art. 81 c.c.

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In detail it is said official the oath made by a man against a woman to each other; included in a public document or in a private document or deriving from the request for disclosure.

The simple oath, which is not characterized by formal and substantial elements and which is expressed in a simple social gesture. In both hypotheses, the commitment does not provoke the birth of the burden of joining in marriage and / or performing the functions in the case established for cases of non-compliance, but the promoter may request the return of gifts received on the occasion of the marriage oath, if this has not been completed.

Only the official oath, therefore, binds to the repayment of the damage the individual who without legitimate reasons does not want to fulfill the promise or who, with his own responsible attitude, gives a valid reason of opposition to the other.

The request for the reimbursement of damages in the hypothesis of unjustified opposition to unite in marriage is forwarded by an act of denunciation to the court which has the territorial jurisdiction with reference to the place where the constraint was born within the term of one year from rejection day.