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Aware of this sad circumstance, the study, primarily to assist all those subjects that for time but several times the prerogative of their reimbursement practice, prefer to be protected by a lawyer, even in the case of direct compensation, guarantees its customers a adequate and economic performance in carrying out legal actions without requiring any compensation.

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In fact, when there is a good outcome of the case, the payment that is due to the lawyer who has dealt with the case will then be paid directly by the opposing insurance company.

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Finally, it is clear that the clientele who, at the end of the practice of reimbursement of damages, receives a higher reimbursement than if he had acted alone or had turned to the "usual road accident companies" generally guided from unprepared and not competent subjects.

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If you suffer a road accident the first thing to do is not to get depressed. First of all, it is advisable, for a total legal support, to contact immediately the team of the study that, in just 3 days after the accident, will open the practice of reimbursement of damages reporting the accident to the insurance companies of competence through the shipment more letters with registered a / r. if the causes are evidently ascertained and the damages suffered calculable, the practice of repayment will be very rapid, otherwise you will have to wait a long time.

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It should be noted that if the victim of the accident has escaped, the identity is not known or is not covered by insurance, it is in this circumstance useful to request help from the victims on the road fund at cvv.

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If, on the contrary, the accident involved a foreign car and has happened in the Italian territory, it is necessary to have recourse to the UCI. Is the protection of a lawyer useful?

The support of a lawyer is always useful to have a total defense and an excellent repayment of damage that, if you were acting alone, surely you would not achieve, but mainly not to fall into defects of form in the drafting of the letter to be sent to the insurance company that could make the refund request null or extend waiting periods!

For this reason, because of the great difficulties present in the field of road accidents, it is highly advisable to request the protection of an attorney immediately so as not to incur regrettable and often customary outcomes but also to obtain a fair reimbursement.

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This is valid both for direct reimbursement and for ordinary reimbursement. In fact, only with the support of a lawyer the person who has suffered damages will be able to obtain a complete legal defense, both in the situation in which there are only damages to the car and in case of injuries.

The responsability. Article. 2054 of the civil code provides that in the event of a collision between motor cars the guilt is divided among the interested parties, except for the opposite examination. The opposite test can be verified by ascertaining that the accident occurred: due to a major cause, an accidental case, due to a third party, for the sole responsibility of the person who suffered damage. This opposite evidence is ascertained: through witnesses, with concrete evidence (photos, minutes, and so on), through the reconstruction of the incident, plans, fakes and so on.

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refundable damages: damage caused by road accidents is divided into damage to physical objects and / or to natural persons.

There are, however, some types of non-material damage whose identification occurs gradually. Finally, it can be confirmed that the damages refundable by hand will be:

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damage to objects, damage due to non-use of objects, damage to the physical person, damage to the physical person (ethical damage, damage to the relational life, aesthetic damage), biological damage, deprivation of rights, damage related to the loss of a relative, damage to heritage, identification of damage.

The nature of the damage must be proven by the person who has suffered damage that makes it, so any claim must be documented. In case it was an identification, for example on the nature of permanent wounds, it would be necessary to have certificates of medical doctors.