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it should be noted that often the insurance companies, after having provided the legal medical report of their client, identify a percentage of very low physical damage that does not completely compensate the biological damage suffered.

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The main issue is that the victim, not being able to decree whether the percentage of physical damage determined by the insurance company is the fairness inherent in the disability suffered, almost always accepts the minimum reward bestowed by the insurance company.

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For this reason, it is useful to resort to a lawyer specializing in road accidents, which is the only one capable of determining whether or not the illness on a permanent level is true or not.

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Thanks to the vast expertise developed in the complex condominium field by its own team, the study offers legal protection and judicial and legal assistance to defend both the entire condominium complex and the individual subjects living there.

The legal actions carried out by the team in this matter primarily include: defense of the condominium complex, presence of condominium meetings, support for the condominium administrator for any legal issue, decisive solution of the condominium disputes through the new methodology of out-of-court reconciliation , appeal for payment of an appeal, appeal for distribution of goods, appeal for a new lawsuit, appeal for a suspected damage claim, appeal against the public administration for breaches and negligence, concession of property, improper manufacture, infringement of distances in manufacturing , failure to provide places for obligatory vehicles, defense of the condominium (against the condominium complex and against the persons of the condominium and / or different persons), appeal for shareholders resolutions, appeal for the election of a judicial administrator, im appeal for revocation of condominium administrator, appeal for displacement of work, appeal for a lawsuit for new construction, appeal for complaint of suspected damage, appeal for denial of easement of passage, injunction against injections against neighboring, appeal for injunctive relief, appeal for concession real estate, appeal and change millesimal tables.

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the condominium assembly organ has great value, since it has a decretive function and is constituted only on the basis of the approval and determination of the millesimal tables. Article. 1135 of the civil code enuclea enumerates the actions and tasks of the assembly: election, approval, replacement or removal of the condominium administrator and his reward;

validation of the preliminary and final annual report by dividing the related costs between the condominium parties; provision on the basis of extraordinary maintenance and on the basis of purchases, transfer or establishment of effective rights on the common parts of the condominium; provision to support disputes or desist to requests initiated against the condominium complex; change the condominium statute; use of shared parts; any provision that goes beyond the regular administrative management; convocation.

The meeting can take place in an ordinary or extraordinary way. The ordinary one meets at least once during the year, and can be called at any time both by the condominium administrator and by a person who lives there.

While the extraordinary one is requested by the condominium administrator or at least by two people of the building representing 1/6 of the value of the complex.

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The meeting must be referred to the persons of the condominium at least five days in advance of the date scheduled for the meeting.

As far as communication is concerned, the civil code does not presume particular requisites because it can happen in any way, provided it reaches its purpose. In fact it is legitimate the convocation carried out through appropriate exposure in a space common to all the people of the condominium or by a telephone call.

Furthermore, it is clarified that the condominium administrator has no obligation to invite the probable buyer of a condominium complex to the meeting until the latter has made known or at least announced in a formal manner that the transfer of ownership has occurred .

When the meeting is not announced to one or more persons of the condominium, the same have the right to request that the shareholders meeting be canceled, however within 30 days from the announcement (for the people of the condominium not present ) or from its validation (for people of the building in disagreement).