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The legislation then establishes that, where such particular worsening conditions occur, the penalty for the offense is imprisonment from one to six years and the fine from € 103 to € 1,032: if the person responsible, to carry out the robbery, enters or he stops in a house or in another place used for the home; if the perpetrator exercises abuses on the objects or uses all sorts of incorrect instruments; if the manager has arments or drugs with him, without using them; if the robbery is done quickly; if the robbery is carried out by three or more individuals, or even by a single person, who is falsified or pretends to be a public official or a public office worker; if the robbery is carried out on the cargo of passengers in every type of vehicle, in railway stations, in airports or sidewalks, in hotels or in other places where food or drinks are supplied; if the robbery concerns objects that are found in public offices or complexes, or confiscated or foreclosed structures, or left for need or for habit or for assignment to the public profession, or used for public tasks or for public use, protection or respect; if the robbery is carried out on three or more animals organized in herds or in flocks, or on bovine or equine beasts, even if not in flock.

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If two or more of the conditions listed above occur, or if one of these conditions occurs with another ordinary negative situation, the penalty is 3 to 10 years imprisonment and of the fine from € 206 to € 1,549.

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Some cases of robbery can be condemned to a partisan charge, and the punishment of detention up to 1 year or a fine of up to 206 $ is used.

These cases take place: if the person responsible has completed the fact with the sole purpose of temporarily using the stolen object, and this, after temporary use, has been returned immediately; if the robbery deals with goods of poor quality, to satisfy a heavy and immediate necessity; if the robbery consists in searching, gathering or rummage in the possessions of others, where the harvest has not yet fully occurred.

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The unlawful improper offense (Article 646 of the Criminal Code) takes place if someone, to assure an illegitimate gain to himself or to others, takes possession of cash or other people s property for which he has, to any heading, the property (to be interpreted as simple possession). This unlawful crime is sanctioned, with denunciation of the injured party, with imprisonment up to three years and with a fine of up to 1.032 $.

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If the gesture is made on objects in the form of indispensable custody, the penalty is heavier. It is a must if there are some particular pejorative conditions.

The hypothesis of the acquisition of stolen goods (Article 648 of the Criminal Code) is still different when someone, in order to assure to himself or to others a profit, buys, collects or hides cash or objects relating to any type of crime, or in any case it intervenes in making them buy, collect or hide.

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This offense is sanctioned with imprisonment from two to eight years and with a fine of 516 $ to 10,329 $.

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The punishment is imprisonment up to six years and the fine up to 516 $, if the gesture is of specific inconsistency. The unlawful acquisition of stolen goods takes place even if those who carry out the illegal act, from which the cash or objects come, is not incriminable or can not be convicted, or when there is no precondition for the prosecution connected to this crime.

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Civil imputability. Civil imputability is a very complex juridical concept, which includes very disparate conditions and particular cases: debates about imputability for non-observance of contracts and imputability for intentional or presidential criminal acts (so-called non-professional), and these legislative typologies, although being theoretically and objectively different from each other, they have as a common point an attitude externalized by an individual and harmful for the rights of a third person, to whom the law gives the opportunity to request the reimbursement of damages suffered.

Obligations and agreements. Although it belongs to private law, the branch of obligations and agreements is worthy of a specific analysis, due to the specific relevance it has in today s economic context.

The condominium sector. Who, living in a condominium, had no complications? Each of us knows that cohabitation in this environment can be very problematic, and even a slight question can become a judicial process, so even in this hypothesis the support and the judicial indications of one s lawyer is fundamental, even if only to ascertain with conscientiousness. and objectivity, the reliability of the complaints or requests of the co-owner who is considered offended in the exercise of his right .