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The obligation is distinguished because it represents the right of an individual, both physical and legal, to the individual functions of other persons. In its simplest meaning the obligation can be defined as a commitment that connects one individual to another for the implementation of a given service; for example: the creditor must obtain the sums from the insolvent, the holder must have professional services from his subordinate and the employee must collect the pay and so on.

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One of the bases of the obligation is the agreement, that is, in short, the pact between two or more entities to regulate a heritage relationship between them.

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On a daily basis, we enter into agreements, even if we purchase a good at a point of sale; disposals, rents, permits, transfers of goods or individuals, insurance policies, are just a few examples of agreement that are part of daily life; the latter can be added to agreements with credit institutions, such as bank deposits and current accounts, which are now used by everyone.

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Sometimes, or perhaps frequently, the relationship between the contractors can develop in a non-good and compromising way for at least a part. In this case, the policyholder who is believed to be an injured party uses the user protection bodies and then, in the case, asks for his / her legal counsel. Moreover, in our country, more and more often and intensively in relation to the other developed States, almost all the trades in the commercial sector are governed by the most various and ingenious types of payment in installments (the notion of expiry with the notes received at 30, 60, 90 days is not very famous in other countries, as well as exchange letters); precisely such types of payment in installments sometimes cause delays or failures on the part of the insolvent.

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It is right to consider that in such cases a solicitous solicitation by the lawyer, aimed at the exclusive recovery of the sums due, can contribute to undoing the circumstance without the need to appeal to the judicial authority and having to submit to the length of the magistracy.

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The law firm in defending the interests of those who have granted loans to physical parties and / or insolvent companies, advises the basic operations to get back the sums, using the legal means indicated by the code of civil procedure that have this purpose. In the event that the insolvent does not voluntarily comply with the obligation by paying the sums agreed with the creditor, the latter may decide to initiate an ordinary civil proceedings towards the insolvent or whether to use non-ordinary legal means which, if there are specific conditions, allow to achieve execution faster: these are the procedure for intimation (so-called injunction) and the general assessment procedure, recently disseminated by Law 69/2009.

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The law firm also works to the advantage of different foreign companies, which maintain trade relations in our country.

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If there is a need to treat the procuratorial task at the service of foreign companies and it is inadmissible to make a personal acquaintance in our territory of the lawyer who defends the above companies in order to legitimize, in the legal capacity, the autograph placed on the power of attorney litem, for States that have ratified the Hague Convention of 05/10/1961 (including our country), a facilitated procedure is established for the regularization of the ad litem power of attorney, granted by a foreign public body, which confers and validity also in It, the so-called Apostille: this coincides with the assessment of the legal position of the public official (or employee) who signed the document and the validity of its stamp or mark.

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Each Member State shall specify which bodies are capable of granting the Apostille: in our country, for notarial, legal and civil status documents, the competence is of the Public Prosecutor in the Court in whose department the document is drafted, whereas in Spain, for example, the competence to apply the Apostille to the notarial documents is the Order of the clerks of the courts of the province in which the document is drawn up (which obviously must be bilingual).