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This specific legal framework also deals with the family nucleus in a detailed manner, interpreted as a family structure, formed by consorts and offspring, establishes the respective rights and obligations between the members of the nucleus and regulates family relations in the abnormal phase. (and potential) of separation and divorce.

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Ask for legal indications regarding family law. In this stage of considerable hostility, in which every consort, commonly, can not be calm and calm, intervenes (or can intervene) the function of the lawyer, who is responsible for sincerely clarifying the patient, who is about to obtain separation, which rights and he is obliged to have respect for the other spouse and the offspring, and to support him both on the pre-judicial and judicial level.

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Marital break-up does not always end with a separation on the judicial level, which is the most lasting and complex, since the spouses can, with the support and specialist support of a lawyer, establish in no uncertain terms the constraints of the agreed separation, from the assignment of the offspring to the subsistence subsidy (of the spouse and the offspring); in this way, the spouses avoid the loss of time of a lasting and tiring cause and arrive in a short time to the separation.

After separating the consorts, they can request a divorce and, if there are the conditions, the invalidation of the marriage union before the clerical judicial authority (Sacra Rota).

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However, family law also deals with the general protection of minors, including even children of nature, ie those born of unmarried couples; in the family nucleus, whether it is in conformity with the law or substantial, specific problems arise, which can determine, for example, the need or usefulness of prescribing limits or decreases to the authority of one or both spouses, taking a particular judicial body, the Court of Minors, which also has the competence in terms of adoption procedures. Changes in legislation.

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Recently, the sector has been the subject of various important changes with the D.L. 14/03/2005 n. 35, changed with changes from Law 14/05/2005 n. 80, which revised the separation and divorce procedure, totally re-adapting certain provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure regarding separation and art. 4 of the legislation governing divorce.

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Later, the L. 08/02/2006 n. 54 introduced some provisions in the civil code on the subject of participatory assignment (the first was shared custody), and subsistence of the offspring and changes were made to some provision of the code of civil procedure.

With regard to the fostering and support of natural offspring, that is, those born of unmarried couples, the Court of Co adopted an important reform in 2007 (read the published study). Succession and relationships with relatives.

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From the set of family relationships arise reciprocal rights and burdens between the members of the family unit: for example, where reference is made to the family nucleus in a generic sense, including therefore the kinsmen and the like, it takes on importance, as well as for problems concerning the succession, for the right and the reciprocal burden of support that exists for its members, when a subject is in need, or if, for the most various reasons, he is unable to take care of his own livelihood; in this case he must request the means of subsistence for the members of his family unit.

The Law Firm of the Lawyer provides legal support and indications in the case of separation of the consorts. We believe we are useful and welcome to disclose some useful information for those wishing to examine these issues. 1) Individual separation of spouses.

Legal indications during separation Individual separation is regulated by articles 150-158 of the Civil Code and has the effect of the termination of the reciprocal burdens of the consorts (such as: cohabitation costs, the burden of loyalty and cooperation), except those of support and mutual respect, which remain between the consorts although the separation took place.

The individual separation, therefore, causes, as a more visible consequence, the conclusion of the cohabitation of the consorts, but consider that the normal return to cohabitation, without any specific agreement, cancels the consequences of separation: the art. 154 cc, in fact, explicitly assumes that "the reconciliation between the consorts determines the cancellation of the request for individual separation already advanced", and this is admissible because the separation, unlike the divorce, has no unchanging consequences and therefore does not forbid the consorts to restore the family.