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The extortion is accomplished by any person, through outrage or intimidation, forcing someone to do or to leave something out, generates for himself or for others an unfair gain with damage to others. Such typology, on the one hand, highlights features with the robbery, such as "outrage or intimidation" and the purpose of "unjust gain", on the other it provides for the specific behavior of obliging someone to perform or neglect something (through intimidation or outrage) and moreover, the further consequence of causing damage to others.

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The fraud is committed, then, any person, with deception or cheating, pushing someone in a foul, generates for himself or for others an unjust gain with damage to others: the characters of union with the scam are obvious, namely the fact of "to generate for himself or for others an unjust gain with damage to others", but in such a situation the behavior is totally different; to achieve the hoped end the culprit pushes the offended subject with deception and cheating, does not force him to accomplish something or to leave something out of outrage or intimidation, as foreseen by extortion.

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The free patronage is regulated by the D.P.R. 115 of 2002 and art. 98 of the c.p.p; the same is a body that allows non-tenants to use the legal protection free of charge to undertake and protect themselves in a civil or criminal trial.

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The main requirement, and estimate, to be able to enjoy such a service is to have an income situation that does not exceed the amount of € 10,628.16.

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In criminal proceedings, the application for access to legal aid must be forwarded to the magistrate before which criminal proceedings are pending, must have the signature of the person requesting it and the lawyer s lawyer, if already mentioned, or the public official who receives the question.

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The lawyer, while, is a lawyer called by the State to assist the offender who still has no lawyer, in order to ensure protection in any criminal proceedings. The attorney receives the reward from the offender, and not from the State, but at any time the same can cite his own trusted lawyer who takes over from the office.

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Therefore, while the office attorney has the task of assuring the defense to the one who does not yet have his own trusted lawyer, the free-level advocate is the lawyer, both of office and of trust, of a person who has forwarded a request to be sponsored for free and has obtained such a service.

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Not all lawyers are able to protect all those who have obtained free legal aid; it is useful, therefore, that the offender who wants to enjoy the free patronage delegates one of the lawyers registered in the file of the sponsors paid by the State.

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Illicit data at the computer level, are those implemented through or against a computer system, that is a PC, that is a telematic device, or a network of computers. The PC, therefore, can be the target of an offense, and this circumstance the purpose of those who commit a crime is to steal or delete the information held in memory of the same PC; in other circumstances, while, the PC can be a tool to commit illicit, such as when it is used to commit fraud. In relation to illicit data at the IT level, legislation intervenes with the law n. 547/93, to insert new forms of tort in the criminal code; with the law 269/98 and 38/2000 to condemn paedophilia and pornography; with d. legislative 196/2003 to condemn the infringement of privacy; with the law 128/2004 for the defense of copyright; with two d. legislative, in the year 2001 and 2005, then transformed, to prevent and hinder international terrorist acts; other forms of offenses concern the planning of e-commerce, of the managerial property, and of internet betting.