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Pretend a substantial advance on a hereditary sum (false taxes or postal costs), a winnings, an unreal professional activity.

Ask for a share in a non-existent company as a guarantee of profitable profits. Take charge of an employee or a craftsman asking him, however, to pay in advance the acquisition of the necessary to carry out their business.

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Have an individual work for free by pretending that their company is a non-profit association. Use the intellectual properties of a subject illegitimately for their own diverging activities.

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Convincing with a scam a user of the web to adopt a connection (see dialer, malware) very expensive. Convince with the scam to make phone calls to a high cost number (often a telephone number with 899 ... or foreign prefix 00 ...).

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Selling a commodity through a misleading advertising campaign, presenting it or reproducing it as more advantageous (sometimes different) or less expensive than it actually is. Convincing with the decree to sign a recruitment agreement for an activity / service different from those described or differently remunerated with respect to that indicated or with extra time functions or time compared to the agreement (see labor law, trade union).

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The fraudmer can persuade with the fraud through the telephone communications, e-mails or false television sales persuading to: purchase of unreal goods or of inferior value of that indicated, asking them the numbers of the credit or debit cards with the most disparate expedients , for example a bid for illusory charities.

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Misleadingly persuade the injured party to enter into agreements for unjustified performance.

The previous article describes a specific case of aberratio delicti, with the significant difference that, in the hypothesis examined, the aberratio does not derive from a mistake in the use of the tools to complete the illicit act (or another reason).

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It should be pointed out that the case of aberratio delicti must however be distinguished from the cases referred to in Article 16, since where the aberratio delicti is a case of mistake in which the person performing the different action is guilty, the hypothesis of an anomalous contest is refers to an individual who intentionally wants to change circumstances (a thief who intentionally, with determination, violates the employee).

Thus represented, the hypothesis provided for by art. 116 would seem to presume a case of real implication. The Constitutional Court, however, has pointed out that "the heaviest different offense committed by those who compete" must be able "to be configured in the mind of the manager, in the usual development and intertwining of man s actions, as a rationally supposed consequence of the desired one" (Court cost, May 13, 1965, No. 42).

The jurisprudential doctrine has specifically defined this hypothetical factor, claiming, according to the guidelines, sometimes an abstract hypothesis (the unintentional illicit should, that is, be included in the abstract typology with respect to those that could derive from the intentional offense: for example , thieving and appropriation), in other cases a real hypothesis (that is referred to the real conditions of the illicit action).

A concrete example will serve to better understand: in the event that Tizio, Caio and Sempronius agree to perform a theft of the goldsmith s shop, X and Smnn is assigned to stay outside with the vehicle in motion to then lead the robbers away, if we suppose that Tizio and Caio during the theft perform an assassination, Sempronio will be guilty of ex-art 110 and art of murder?

The answer is variable .. In the event that the theft was committed with the use of weapons, Sempronio had to take into account a risky circumstance, in case the theft was not accomplished with the use of weapons the mental link therefore the link with the murder must also be put aside. The recent jurisprudential interpretation is, however, very cautious in determining the responsibility at the criminal level of the subject, variables if the different circumstances were supposed to be abstractly or concretely.

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If Sempronius could only presume in a abstract way a possible different homicidal act, then his implication will be discarded, but if on the contrary, the different criminal gesture was planned in such a case Smnn considered guilty.