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Illicit role and powers. The public official "takes advantage" of its role in the event that it does not reduce to notifying the enjoyment, or at most, to boast of it, but, due to the circumstances, the event, the ways in which it is notified, it is missing of another explanation which is not that of giving birth to the passive "manifestations of persuasion or imposition to perform services not due", must therefore have a mentally decisive influence.

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The illegitimate use of the authorities is manifested when the officer keeps them in operation outside the case or beyond the margins, established by the legislation: in case they should not be carried out or when they should be carried out in a different way.

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In our country, illegality in the construction sector has reached levels of low comparison with other European States, reaching a social value at the margins of normality.

The same intuition of illegitimacy of these events, also considering the amount of families that are or have been implicated, is considered unlikely to be so weak that the wrongdoing does not cause repetitions of social condemnation for the majority of citizens.

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This vice in our country has caused damage and continues to ruin the economic sector, the landscape profile and the aspect of justice and compliance with the rules. If in the first half of the last century different notable developments were carried out in the juridical regulation of the real estate and territorial administration, after the Second World War there were the first ventures of extensive construction in the total non-observance of the urban planning provisions and construction.

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The English word "stalking", proposed by the English scientific doctrine qualified in terms of obsessive disorders, refers to unpleasant and constant conduct, consisting of continuous ambushes near the residence or the places usually visited by the injured party, more and more repeated by interference in the his personal life to reach a personal relationship through pursuits, indecent phone calls or unwelcome. It also includes the dispatch of unsolicited letters, cards, e-mails, text messages and tools; more difficult is the identification of the unlawful stalking in scorned but loving sms - especially by ex-boyfriends or friends - that can change according to individual cases.

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Either by writing on the walls or by committing theatrical gestures with the breaking of goods, in a constant and insistent manner, in an ever-increasing commission of acts that include intimidation, written and oral, which in some cases become physical assaults with injuries or even murder of the injured party.

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All this, or part of it if committed in a continuous and resistant way so as to cause only fear and mental or physical disturbance to the injured party, are actions of oppression, and those who perform them are an oppressor: an individual who performs a criminal act, in some states it is prosecuted as such by the legislation.

It differs from the usual annoyances due to the impetus, the recurrence and the continuity of the complex caterva of attitudes. In terms of etymology, the word stalk is broadly expressible in Italian as "pursuit in stalking", "hidden pursuit", "stealthy pursuit", "approaching in secret", "approaching in secret" (for game or enemies ).

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The term stalker can be translated as "predator to trap", "who advances in secret". These expressions do not spell out the English meaning that is given to the stalkers who follow the persecuted for uniquely annoying objectives.

The verbal predicate to stalk is in the same way expressible with the meaning of "chasing hidden loot" and descends from the technical-slang hunting vocabulary [2]. At the letter stalking means "lurking", "stalking" [3].

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There is no normally accepted description of stalking, but as established by experts of asphyxiating abuses of English it is in any case the one who "makes the mail", which "follows", which "spies and watches over" its victim.

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The word "tracking" is the most widely used and interpreted [4]. This description seems to be the most similar to the attitude of the annoying tormentor that is, in fact, to track the victim in his movements and then intervene in his personal life [5].

A further widely used transposition of "stalking" is "oppression", just as the stalker is defined as "oppressor" and the injured party "oppressed" [6]