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The theft at the criminal level is an offense against the asset asset governed by art. 624 penal code. This provision has been subject to change in the last period. According to the l. 205/99 the legislation has changed the rule of procedure (from the prosecution of office to lawsuit of the subject outraged); according to l 128/01, the so-called "Security Package", the legislation has increased the minimum edictal (previously not presumed and defined by the discipline in a short time, at present it is 6 months).

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The good protected by legislation and proper to the offense in question, is the possession of a movable property belonging to others. Both the legislation, supporting this, and the jurisprudential discipline recognize a detriment to the interests of the owner, regardless of someone who is convinced that theft is only a transgression of property: in reality the wrongdoing does not sometimes cause damage to the property. owner, mainly if the latter is not the landowner at the same time.

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Therefore, the right of complaint lies with the owner.

The stolen property is necessarily a moving object. With this, you specify any physical and material thing, different from the individual or a deceased person, who possesses the characteristics of cosmic sharpness and a self-sufficient existence, and is able to satisfy a human need, both ethical and physical, and asset level.

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Such a good must possess an exchange value (monetary or affective). Among the movable goods are also included the different types of energy (electricity, gas, heat), as long as they represent a theft to other people.

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The radio waves in clear, which are felt by all, do not represent a form of theft; different are the radio waves connected to the computer system, even if without password protection:

the jurisprudential discipline is consistent in considering that the connection to the Internet through wireless networks without protection whose rights of use are applied by third parties, according to contractual stipulations with Internet service providers, it represents theft of theft.

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From this, it is pointed out that real estate objects do not concern the sector for the implementation of such an offense, but are regulated by other courts.

For the Italian legislation there is the illegal act of sexual actions with minors, even with the consent of the minor, if there are sexual relations: with minors under the age of 14, if the action is committed by an adult ( or that he is 18 years old); with minors under the age of 13, in all situations, even between partners and both minor; with minors under the age of 16, if the action is committed by an adult subject to whom the minor is assigned for reasons of treatment, training, education, protection or custody or having a common life relationship with the same; with minors of 18 years, if the action is committed by the biological parents or those of adoption, or by the person responsible for the minor, or by another person who lives together with one of the previous named persons. In addition there is an increase in the sentence if sexual acts are performed with children under 10 years.

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It is also considered illegal to prostitute a minor to push such a person under the age of 18, or to commit sexual actions in exchange for money or other economic benefits, instead it presents the illicit pornography of a minor if make pornographic shots that portray subjects under the age of 18, or even if you take possession of such pornography.

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Ultimately, inducing a subject to entertain sexual relations always represents illicit sexual abuse, at any age. Several lawmakers suggest the form of illicit acts against adolescence to strengthen convictions against those who commit malfeasance with children under the age of 16.

For sexual violence reference is made to the involvement in sexual actions, on a physical or psychological level, of a subject who is not able to choose: o because subject to repression on a physical and / or psychological level, and / or because he is not able to understand the his behavior (through age, a certain psychological and physical condition, and so on).

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Thus sexual violence is mainly the carnal union, but also the inducing to any type of sexual action a subject that is not able to understand and want.

The unlawful act of obscene actions is governed by art. 527 of the Italian criminal code, which states that "any person, in a public and open context, commits obscene actions is condemned with the arrest from 3 months up to 3 years".