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The omissive crimes are subdivided into:

Own, which arise with the failure to implement an act imposed by legislation in the criminal law, presenting itself as a disobedience.

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Such a type of offense is clearly aligned by legislation. Impropri, also called wrongful commission through omission, which arise with the failure to interfere with a criminal action. Such criminal typology is not standardized by the legislation and was born from the union between the art. 40 para. (The c.d. condition of correspondence, since it unites the failure to obstruct an offense to the commission of the unlawful) and the regulations concern the commission wrong.

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The fundamental aspects of the illicit omission refer to: a particular circumstance (together with the premises that determine the duty to put oneself into action), omissive behavior, material opportunity for the person to take action and hinder action.

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Legal constraint. The causal relationship envisaged to include an improper omission error provides, besides the ordinary model, that the person who has not acted has a legal duty to take action. The legal constraint is inspired by the clover theory in legislation, contractual action and the previous dangerous act.

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The person must therefore occupy a "position of guarantee" with respect to the protected property, which provides for a defense obligation between the guarantor and a legal asset established by the impossibility of the person in charge to protect it.

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The legal constraints are therefore of an exceptional nature because they are only provided for some people and not for all.

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The legal action is unintentional if the agent did not want the implementation of the relevant legal action, an action that however happened due to: summary guilt: laziness (failure to perform a due act), recklessness (transgression of a total prohibition to take action or a prohibition to take action through defined practices), incompetence (laziness or recklessness in actions involving the use of certain skills or competencies) or specific guilt: transgression of: legislations (legislative power), legal systems (executive level power) ), provisions (documents of public authorities) or disciplinary fields (documents derived from private parties that carry out hazardous actions).

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Own and improper guilt. Its guilt includes almost all circumstances, in which the main requirement of guilt is found, the non-intention of the action. There are also special circumstances in which the guilt, in some situations called improper, is not determined by such a requirement, and the action is desired by the agent.

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Excess of guilt in situations of justification: the same Article 55 of the Penal Code establishes that the inadequate application of a right or of an observance, as well as in a legitimate defense or in need state, provides not the malice but the guilt of people.

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Wrong hypothesis of the existence of a situation of justification: it happens when the agent is mistakenly convinced that when an event occurs, there are the requirements of a situation of justification.

Mistaken fact established by guilt (situation debated on the matter). Specific guilt. The specific culpability is the criminal intention highlighted when the agent commits an offense through the transgression of laws, regulations, provisions or disciplinary fields. Conscious and unconscious guilt.

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The most obvious difference defined within the legal discussion is that between conscious and unconscious guilt: the former exists when the agent foresees the action without having desired it, the second without any intuition.

On the other hand, the latter is the most widespread situation, the former rarely happens and has only recently been analyzed by the legal system. It is similar to possible fraud, but differs from the same because the agent does not provide for the acceptance of any action, and there is still the idea that nothing happens with the anti-juridical or criminal behavior.