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Slander, outrage, defamation

The crime of outrage (Article 594 c.p.) is committed by those who offend the dignity or decorum of a person present, and is sentenced to imprisonment for up to 6 months or a fine of up to € 516.46. The crime of defamation (Article 595 of the Civil Code) is committed by those who insult the judgment of third parties in their absence, and is punished with arrest for up to a year and a fine of up to € 1032.91.

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The offense of slander (Article 368 of the Criminal Code) is the same as the crime of slander (Article 368 of the Criminal Code) that occurs when a person, even if unknown or otherwise, through a complaint, appeal, request or complaint, sent to the judge or other official inform the judge, charge an offense to a person whose fault he does not know, or simulate evidence of a crime against another person.

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In this case, one is punished with arrest for two to six years, except for cases of exacerbation. Our legal system also clarifies that it is not necessary to undertake a criminal trial for the person who has been injured by the offense, as it is sufficient the possibility that such a process is implemented. Intimidation, private mistreatment.

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Those who scare third parties causing a damage are punished, through a lawsuit of the injured party, with a fine of up to € 51.65 (Article 612 c.p.). it can also be punished with arrest for up to one year and if the intimidation is serious or is committed with the use of weapons, it is done by an individual or by a group of people with false or anonymous documents. , or through the use of symbology, or with violence and threats arising from secret associations, or by more than five individuals in a group, with the use of weapons, or by more than ten people even without weapons.

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The crime of private mistreatment (Article 610 of the Civil Code) is carried out by those who, with aggressive or intimidating attitudes, force other subjects to commit, support, or interrupt an action. You are punished with arrest for up to 4 years.

Shots, wounds.

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The crime of beatings (Article 581 of the Civil Code) is committed by someone who beats another person, if such an offense does not cause psychophysical damage. You are punished with imprisonment for up to six months or a fine of up to € 309.87.

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Otherwise, those who injure another person causing psychological and physical damage, are punished with imprisonment for three months up to three years (Article 582 c.p.).

If the prognosis determined by the damage does not exceed 20 days and there is no exacerbation, the offense is punished through a complaint by the injured party.

The injuries that are suffered are considered serious, for which the arrest is expected from three to seven years, if:

it causes a risky illness for the life of the injured person, or such a disability that does not allow the normal functions to be carried out for more than 40 days;

a lasting debilitation of a sensory activity or of an organ is determined.

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The injuries are considered very serious, for which the arrest of six to twelve years is foreseen, if:

an incurable disease is determined;

it causes the disappearance of a sensory activity;

it determines the amputation of a limb that does not allow to perform more normal functions, or causes the uselessness of an organ or the inability to reproduce, or a long-lasting and serious problem of the speech;

the constant disfigurement of the face is determined.

Robbery, illegal possession, purchase of stolen goods.

Article. 624 p.p. (Theft) provides for those who enter into possession of movable assets by subtracting them from third parties, with the aim of making profit for themselves or for others, is punished with arrest from six months to three years and a fine of 154 $ per 516 $.

The robbery is prosecuted through lawsuit of the subject that has been harmed, except for the hypothesis of exacerbation.

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The crime of robbery with the illegal entry into a house or in another private place or in its vicinity, is punished with the arrest from one to six years and with the fine from 309 to 1.032 $.

The same sentence applies to the person who performs the robbery, removing the movable property from its owner, tearing it from his hands or body. In the hypothesis of cases of tightening, one is punished with the arrest from one to six years and with the fine from 103 to 1.032 $:

if the offender, to commit the robbery, spends a lot of time in a house or in another place used as a domicile;

if the offender performs violent actions or uses dishonest instruments;

if the offender possesses weapons or drugs, even without using them;

if the robbery is committed with agility;

if the robbery is committed by three or more persons, or by a single person, who pretends to be a disguise in the guise of a public official or a public official in service;

if the robbery is committed at the expense of passengers in different cars, in stations, in airports or ports, in hotels or other places assigned to the distribution of provisions or drinks;