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In all these cases, or in the event that one of the aforementioned circumstances is added to a case of ordinary tightening, one is punished with the arrest from three to ten years and with the fine from 206 to 1,549 $.

Other types of robbery are instead prosecuted through lawsuit of the injured party, and are punished with arrest for up to a year or with a fine of up to 206 $. This happens:

when the offender commits the fact with the purpose of temporarily using the stolen object, which is returned after a short use;

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when, with the robbery, objects that have little value are removed, to satisfy a complicated and timely need;

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when the robbery is committed through the investigation, the inspection or the exploration in the land of other subjects, whose harvest of the fruits has not yet been completely accomplished.

The crime of undue subtraction (Article 646 of the Italian Civil Code) occurs if an individual, in order to guarantee to himself or to third parties an illicit profit, takes possession of the money or movable objects of third parties, appropriating it.

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This offense is prosecuted by the lawsuit of the injured party, with the arrest of up to three years and a fine of up to 1,032 $. The punishment is exacerbated if you take possession of protected property as a compulsory custody.

The procedure becomes ex officio if certain specific aggravated circumstances occur.

The crime of acquiring stolen goods (Article 648 of the Criminal Code) is very different, and is when a subject to guarantee for themselves or for third parties a profit, purchases, collects or hides money or objects deriving from an illegal activity, or acts to make them buy, collect or hide; in this case, one is punished with arrest for two to eight years and with a fine of 516 to 10,329 $. If the action is not consistent, one is punished with arrest for up to six years and with a fine of up to 516 $.

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However, such a crime takes place even when the person who committed it, to whom money or objects are attributable, is not accused or condemnable, or if there are no requirements of prosecution relating to such an offense.

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Con, deception with IT tools.

The crime of fraud (Article 640 of the Italian Criminal Code) occurs when an individual, with deception or fraud, forcing third parties to commit errors, obtains for himself or for third parties an illicit profit deriving from damages caused to other persons.

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Such a crime is punished with arrest from six months to three years and with a fine of fifty-one to one thousand two hundred two.

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Instead, one is punished with the arrest of one to five years and with a fine from three hundred and nine to one thousand five hundred and forty-nine $ when:

the fraud causes damage to the State or another public body or tries to make someone exempt from compulsory military service;

the fraud determines in the injured subject the fear of a non-existent danger or the false persuasion to have to make an order of the Authority.

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The scam, moreover, is punished through a complaint by the injured party, except that one of the aforementioned circumstances or another situation of exacerbation has occurred.

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The art 640-bis c.p. it also provides for the so-called acute fraud for the obtainment of public licenses, inherent according to article 640 c.p. to contests, subsidies, subsidized loans or other similar services in any case introduced or provided by the State, by other public or community bodies.

In these cases, one is punished with arrest from one to six years and the office procedure is carried out.

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Another type of fraud is that of information technology, regulated by art. 640-ter of the Italian Criminal Code, which involves the parties that altering the mechanisms of IT or telecommunication devices or illegitimately modifying the communications or the applications of an IT or telematic system, guarantee an illicit profit for themselves or for third parties, causing damage to other people.

In this case, one is punished with arrest from six months to three years and with a fine of fifty-one to one thousand two-two $. If such an action damages the State or another state body, or tries to make a person exempt from the compulsory military service and if the action is committed by exceeding the role of person in charge of the system, the punishment becomes more severe and is foreseen the arrest of one to five years and a fine from three hundred and nine to one thousand five hundred forty-nine $.