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The punishment provided for in the first paragraph applies to the public official who holds the role of a public employee requesting a grant of cash or other profits by a private individual for the purposes outlined in art. 318 p.p. .

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The punishment of the second paragraph applies to the official civil servant who requests a payment of cash or other profits by a private individual for the purposes outlined in art. 319 p.p. .

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The theft of public money, bribery, corruption and incitement to corruption of subjects belonging to the community bodies and of community officials of third States, art. 322-bis c.p. , includes the provisions of articles 314, 316, 317 to 320 and 322 c.p., third and fourth paragraphs, which are valid for:

those who are part of the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Court of Justice and the Court of Auditors of the European Union;

for employees hired by contract under the deed of incorporation of EU officials or of the system applicable to the community;

for officials hired by Member States or by public or private bodies in the European Union, who hold the same duties as those of EU officials;

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for those who belong and who are responsible for institutes founded on the basis of the Conventions of the Bodies of the European Union;

for those who, in other Member States of the European Community, have the same roles as those of public officials. The provisions of articles 321 and 322 of the first and second paragraphs of the first paragraph are also applied when cash or other profits are granted:

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for the individuals illustrated in the first paragraph of the aforementioned article;

for those who hold equal positions with public officials and other states or international public bodies, if the activity has been carried out to ensure for themselves or for third parties an illicit use in international economic transactions.

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The individuals highlighted in the first paragraph are equalized to public officials, if they hold equal positions, and to those who perform a public function in the other circumstances.

The crimes of:

Concussion art. 317 p.p. , in which the official or person in charge of a public office, using his own authoritarian function, incites and obliges another party to grant and insure, for himself or for third parties, cash or other profits.

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In this case, one is punished with the arrest from 4 to 12 years.

The office vice art. 323 c.p. , when an official or a person in charge of a public office transgresses the prescriptions of laws and does not retire in situations that benefit for himself or for a family member, thus ensuring for himself or for third parties an unlawful patrimonial level and causing a real damage to third parties.

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The punishment, in this case, provides for the arrest from 6 months to 3 years, and is aggravated in case the advantage or the damage caused are particularly heavy.

The renunciation or negligence of official action art. 328 c.p. , when an official or person in charge of a public office, renounces illegally to perform an activity related to his role which, for reasons of public protection and health and well-being, must be carried out without reference.

You are punished with arrest for six months to two years. Also, the official or person in charge of a public office, who does not perform his duties without justification for one month, is punished with a fine of up to two million lire for up to a year or a fine.

This request must be made in writing and the one month expiry runs from the day on which the aforementioned request was accepted.

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The types of damages that can be compensated are different and very complex.

First of all, a distinction must be made between material damage, that referred to objects, and physical damage, referring to the person.

The former involve objects that are those who suffer damage after an accident, whose compensation must be made taking into account their market price.

Physical ones involve the injuries caused to any subject, which give rise to two different types of damage: the one that determines temporary infirmity and refers to the convalescence, and the one that determines permanent disability and that coincides with the loss of physical fitness .