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With the direct compensation for damages, the one provided for by law no. 39 of 1977, where, even if the CID was drafted, the damaged party forwarded the claim for compensation to the insurance company of the manager, pursuant to art. 22 of Law 990/69 and through the provisions of art. 3 of the same law, the procedure for making the expected payment must be suspended and the debtor insurance must inform the company in charge of the appeal request sent by the person entitled to do so. In this regard, the injured party, at least partially guilty, must prevent the proceeding from reporting to his insurance company, proceeding to compiling the model through a friendly statement signed by both drivers.

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The insurance, after checking the condition for direct compensation, provides for it by way of the debtor company.

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Damages to the vehicle are ascertained, by means of the company in charge, within ten days of making it available, through indexes set by the state association among the insurance companies, and the payment is made within fifteen days of the technical inspection.

The digital signature is part of the legislative framework of art. 1 of the D.P.R. 28.12.2000, n. 445 (legislative provisions and proceedings for administrative acts, known as the Consolidated Text of Administrative Documentation) which states that:

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the digital signature is an electronic signature based on a structure of non-symmetric pair keys, a common and a reserved one, which allows to which it is responsible through the reserved key and to the consignee through the common key, to make clear and verify the origin and nature of a document or an electronic document. This signature can be light or heavy, thanks to the degree of certainty and security it guarantees.

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The heavy one:

- is connected only to the signer;
- is able to ascertain the signer;
- it is produced with devices through which the signer can have complete control;
- is connected to the data to which it refers in order to ascertain any possible modification of the aforesaid data.

Precisely because of the presence of the same elements, the heavy signature needs to be validated by an external certification body, established to do this as the Chamber of Commerce, and must ensure specific technical and material peculiarities, such as the fact that the signer, both only know the private key to implement the signing procedure.

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The Italian law, following the European legislative requirements, establishes that the aforementioned signature can be valid and legitimate only if it possesses such elements.

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The light one, however, is different from the original one and can not give validity to documents according to law, since there is no presence of an external certification body.

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Such a signature can be used in limited circuits, where two or more subjects give validity to the same signature to approve specific documents, verifying that they come from the holder, such as corporate bodies, insurance companies or banks that provide their customers with electronic signature for control of documents.

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Both the "light" and the "heavy" signatures consist of an "asymmetric key" or "public key" or "double key" system, which are two sequences of alphanumeric signs, created on purpose, one of which is known only by the firm, the so-called secret key, and the other known by all, the so-called public key. The secret is necessary to sign, the public one to verify that the documents actually come from the manager.

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Their security derives from the fact that only one private key is connected to each public key, and that knowing the public key does not allow the private key to be recognized.

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To correlate "public key" and "private key" and also the key manager, we rely on a Certification body, such as InfoCamere or pp, whose institutional duty is to guarantee the safety of the person in charge of the public keys through the " certificates ", and to make them clear through a telematic table.