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Personal injury. The crime of personal injury occurs when one person causes another injury resulting in physical or mental illness.

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According to the law, personal injuries can be of four types: a) very light: they are the injuries that cause the subject suffering from diseases whose prognosis is less than twenty days, and can be sanctioned only on accusation of the injured party, without no doctor s report, with a prison sentence of 3 months to 3 years. b) minor injuries: the injured contract a disease with a prognosis of between 21 and 40 days.

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It must be punished of obligation, presupposes a doctor s report, the arrest warrant is discretionary but can be imprisonment from three months to three years.

c) heavy injuries: give rise to a disease for which the usual daily functions can not be performed for more than 40 days, or cause the definitive dismantling of a sense or a part of the body. It can be punished as an obligation, there must be expertise, the arrest warrant is discretionary, and there may be a prison sentence of 3 to 7 years. d) very serious injuries: they generate incurable and truly definitive illnesses, the disappearance of sensory functions, of a part of the body or a mutilation that makes the use of a limb impossible, the end of the functions of a part of the body or reproductive apparatus , a final and heavy difficulty in expressing or modifying the connotations of the injured party.

It can be punished as a matter of obligation, there must be both the expertise and the arrest warrant, and is punished with imprisonment from six to twelve years.

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The moment of crime is represented by the moment in which the existence of the disease occurs. It is essentially that there is a generic will, so the reasons for those who have committed the crime have no relevance on the psychic level; so even if the agent commits the act only for fun, this will be configurable as a crime even if it will not result in injury.

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The crime of robbery can be sanctioned on the complaint of the person who has suffered it, except in case of heavier circumstances.

Who enters a house, in other places that can act as an individual home or in the immediate vicinity of them to rob, must be sentenced to prison for a period of one to six years and a fine from 309 $ to 1,032 $. Even those who perform the theft materially, subtracting the good from the rightful owner, taking it from the hands or the body, undergoes the same punishment.

Moreover, according to the law, in the event of aggravating circumstances, this crime is punishable by imprisonment from one to six years and with a fine of 103 $ to 1,032 $.

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These circumstances are: the entry of the agent subject into a house or other place that acts as a residence in order to steal; overwhelm by the agent acting on the goods, or use of unsuitable means; the mere possession by the agent of weapons or drugs; the speed of theft; the accomplishment of the theft by one or more subjects, pretending to be public officials or public officials; the completion of theft on the cargo of passengers in any type of vehicle, in railway stations, in airports or sidewalks, in hotels or in bars and restaurants.

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And yet, the theft of assets in buildings or public places, buildings seized or required, or granted to the public administration by necessity, custom or license, buildings used for tasks of public interest, protection or precaution; the theft of three or more heads of cattle in flock or herd, or on cattle or horses, even if not in the flock.

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If at least two of the aforementioned circumstances exist, or even one of them occurs with an aggravating element, the agent is punished with imprisonment from 3 to 10 years and a fine from 206 $ to 1,549 $.

Some cases of theft can be punished only after a partisan complaint, with imprisonment up to 1 year or an administrative fine of up to 206 $.

These cases are: cases in which the agent has stolen only for or use the property robbed for a limited period, providing for its return after the aforementioned period; the cases in which the theft concerns goods of little value, necessary however to the solution of an urgent need; the cases in which the theft is committed by searching, rummaging or picking up the land belonging to third parties, in which the harvest has not yet emerged.