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Widespread problems on the condominium level. The partnership and condominium life are governed primarily by the Civil Code, by art. 1100 to the art. 1139, which envisage the application of the rules on partnership for condominium problems.

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The code contains mandatory rules to regulate the common life, but does not regulate or describe in detail the cases that characterize these problems; but it is the jurisprudence of merit that has helped to clarify some aspects, through judgments of the courts or of the Court of Ch, which take steps to adopt the rules of the code adapted to the specific case.

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Aid is also given by the condominium regulations, which, by implementing the principle of private autonomy prescribed by the law, specify the law by setting precise limits or prohibitions, to protect the common demands for the disadvantage of individual rights as a precautionary measure.

For example, some condominium regulations prescribe to the tenants the prohibition to hang clothes from openings, terraces, or the prohibition of animals in their own home or the posting of advertising posters or shiny signs, to prevent disputes or clashes arises in relation to such issues: but often disputes arise even in the presence of specific provisions, so it ends up acting on the judicial level (and we turn to the lawyer).

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The objective family law is a branch of private law that regulates family relations generically, for example dealing with marital relations, with children, adoptions and relationships with relatives. Separation and Divorce Procedures.

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This particular branch specifically deals with family matters, considered as a structure, of which spouses and children belong, fixing the burdens and rights of family members and regulating family relationships in cases of separation and divorce.

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Learn in detail about family law. In a context of malevolence, in which the spouses are not calm, the intervention of the lawyer is useful, who can offer details to the client during the separation phase, in relation to the obligations and rights he must respect towards the other spouse and to the children, and to offer assistance in a pre-judicial or judicial manner.

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The disputes between spouses do not always lead to a judicial separation, which involves long and difficult times, as they are the spouses who can determine the obligations of the consensual separation with the help of a lawyer specializing in the matter, thus deciding on issues such as custody of the children or the livelihood allowance (of ex-spouse and children); so the couple can avoid wasting time and strength as they enter during a cause, quickly reaching the separation. After this, the spouses can apply for a divorce and, in the presence of specific requirements, request the revocation of the marriage before the ecclesiastical judges (Sacra Rota).

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The scope of family law also includes the protection of children, whether minor or natural, that is, born of a de facto union; always there are particular family problems, both in legitimate and in fact families, therefore it emerges the need to fix limitations or reductions in the power of the spouses. The competence for these matters lies with the Juvenile Court, which also deals with adoptive procedures. Legislative amendments.

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Family law has recently been amended, with the D.L. 14/03/2005 n. 35, converted with amendments from Law 14/05/2005 n. 80, which made changes to the separation and divorce procedure, transforming in full certain provisions of the code of civil procedure regarding separation and art. 4 of the divorce law.

Furthermore, the L. 08/02/2006 n. 54 has introduced other rules in the civil code regarding shared custody (first foster care) and child support, as well as amendments to specific rules on the code of civil procedure.

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With regard to the custody and maintenance of natural children, ie born of the de facto union, the Court of Co introduced a fundamental reform in 2007 (examine the published dossier). Inheritance and relationships between relatives. Family relationships include the duties and the reciprocal rights of family members: for example, if we want to consider the family in a broad sense, thus including relatives or relatives, the juridical field is extremely important not only in matters of inheritance, but also for the obligations of assistance and the right to be assisted in case of conditions of need, or in cases where a family member is unable to provide for their maintenance; in this case, the members of his family must help him.