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So the intermediator must be discreet and have great privacy. It is also important to highlight that such a procedure can enjoy specific tax discounts: art. 17 provides that "all the information and proceedings concerning the brokerage process do not need the stamp and are not subject to taxes or other payments.

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The document of agreement is not subject to the registration tax of 50,000 $, instead it is subject to tax for the part of surplus ". Law 1 is a lawyer firmly convinced that the defense and legal support must coincide with modern communication technology systems to ensure efficient protection that is able to fully meet the needs of customers and all those who are not able to do advise directly and personally from a lawyer.

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The assistance to our law firm can be requested at any time and can be done online, in such a way as to obtain legal opinions and judgments in a very short time, for disputes concerning condominium issues, relations with the neighborhood, contractual agreements such as contracts of rent or that of purchase and sale. - drug crimes attorney Providence RI Long Beach California Fresno CA Bakersfield California

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Also, our legal team can assist you, always online, to solve all the issues that pertain to the family environment such as separation, divorce, custody of children, inheritance succession, and so on. Immediately our lawyers will refer to the jurisprudential discipline inherent the various legal institutions to be entrusted as a judge of peace, court, appeal court, and the various constitutional institutions such as the Supreme Court.

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You will also be assisted to draw up documents, minutes, notifications, payment reminders that generally elude lengthy and costly processes. It is often sufficient to send such payment reminders to the various compensation institutions, such as insurance companies, for the resolution of disputes that would otherwise have to be clarified in the Court, and could be complicated with the passage of time.

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Likewise, our team will be able to give you strategic advice and could even make the calculation of your advantage, in the event that you proceed to resolve a dispute with the presence of the judge. In conclusion, our legal staff also assists you in the drafting of agreements between different subjects such as: joint separation, activities and judicial notifications that require technical and legal expertise.

The lawyers present in the city s study of mm, dd and ss, are specialized in the protection of consumer rights, belong to the legal council of the FFE of bb and the Regional Juridical Council of the FFE. Precisely for these reasons, they are able to conduct with qualified experience all the issues concerning the same area, fully satisfying the needs of consumers.

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Other sectors in which they are involved are: civil law, labor law, insurance and accident, the securing of facilities and jobs, tourism law, property and condominium, the right to financial mediation, family law and juveniles, succession, civil liability, credit recovery and enforcement procedures. Also, thanks to the close collaboration with other experienced lawyers in the same sector, our customers can also be assisted in the cities of mm

The web page has been programmed by virtue of the Judicial Deontological Regulations, with regard to the respectability towards legal competence and discretionary and confidential duty and, therefore, has no advertising purpose but only an informative purpose with respect to the legal activity to be undertaken.

The firm owns 4 aa, organizes common meetings every week, to examine and monitor the various legal activities, meetings and programming of judicial documents; organizes individual meetings with those responsible for such activities; it organizes refresher courses and periodic conferences which concern the jurisprudential field and the pertinent topics.

All this, gives our customers the opportunity to meet and have appointments with our lawyers on a regular and precise, to be followed by at least two experts, to receive updated and clear data and news on the procedures implemented and to be sure of a competent legal defense that, almost always, manages to give positive results.

The professionalism of our law firm provides: job scheduling; sharing of news and data; use of the proxy; creating a truly efficient working environment.