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- The lawyer mm deals with Civil, Commercial, Corporate and Business Law.
- Assists small and medium-sized enterprises legally.
- Work in the judicial and extrajudicial field.
- In the judicial field, guarantees legal defense for:
- Disputes in Commercial and Corporate Law;
- Disputes concerning contractual liability;
- Disputes in Labor Law;
- Recovery of credits;
- Within the guarantees legal defense for:
- Corporate operations such as union, division, concession, transfers;
- Internal management of the company;
- Drafting of contracts;
- Preparation of reasoned opinions;
- The lawyer mm has also gained a qualified legal competence in the protection of heritage, above all, thanks to the cooperation with the Trust Institute.

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The firm was founded in 1990 initially as an individual organization, and since 2006 is established as an Association of Profession, and pays particular attention to the defense of the rights of companies and private individuals.

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The Association of Profession was born on 21/3/2006, and brings the Law Firm to the current specializations of the most well-known lawyers who work there, after a phase of preparation and training lasting over ten years.

Today, the Firm carries out assistance functions throughout the country, thanks to a consolidated network of lawyers and collaborators who work together with the Ml office to ensure a convenient legal domicile of disputes.

The law firm s team is active, operational and constantly updated. The study deals in particular with the recovery of sums, executive procedures, tenders, company law, negotiation, consultancy to companies and disputes in the civil sphere.

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The Firm carries out the above tasks, guaranteeing the clientele both reliability and practicality, quickly highlighting the circumstances and results of the process as well as the recovery forecasts. The law firm deals in particular with civil and commercial law, with specific qualifications in the fields of contracts, family law, leases, labor law, pension, insurance and adoption.

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The qualifications of the study concern specific legal areas, it also collaborates with a well-known national body that deals with the protection of claims and therefore disputes that occur in the provinces of kk.

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He is particularly attentive to the problems of less well-to-do subjects, and performs advisory tasks for local bodies. The study was born in 2004 by the lawyer. A compact organization, made up of 3 experts and 3 junior lawyers, can guarantee customers a particular preparation, dynamism and a remarkable determination for the achievement of your interests.

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The structure of the "task force" adapted to customer needs.

Legal competence, but also a concrete knowledge of business developments.

Our firm uses the precious collaboration of the lawyer, also legal in Ca and before the Superior magistracy. The Firm was one of the first in It to adopt innovations and particular functions towards the assisted. Among these we remember:

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a profound innovation in the most important areas, such as rents or compensation for injuries; the adoption of a multi-sector approach, in addressing civil law issues, at all levels of justice; the establishment of non-rigid but personalized customer relationships, to satisfy the real needs of the clientele, from the private subject to the large company.

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Legal issues are increasingly complex. Therefore, the customers claim that "their lawyer" is ready to identify the points of the question on which it is necessary to intervene, with experience and analysis and assessment activities.

For example, in the field of rents in the financial branch (leasing) the lawyer is well known for his experience, in fact often is called to collaborate with experts or companies operating in this sector. In addition, the legal assistance function of the firm is aimed at financial institutions of national importance. In the areas of his competence, the lawyer Ed intervenes in the drafting of legal journals, and is editor-in-chief of specific essays and legal theories.

The model of law firm we refer to is based on adaptability to all the needs that emerge from today s context. In fact, today it is essential to qualify as a cyberlawyer and to be able to use digital and IT tools well. That s why we have taken care of the details of our website, which will guarantee customers a more productive participation in the activity of lawyers working in the studio.