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The Law Firm deals with enormous preparation of negotiation and preparation of commercial contracts, in Italian, English, French and Spanish, with particular attention to the cases of licenses, sub-concessions, division, liquidation, rent, factoring and franchising and promotion.

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The Firm carries out assistance functions, both judicially and non-judicially, in all the bankruptcy phases: it therefore deals with the design and management of preventive contracts, whether they presuppose the development of company maneuvers, or that instead involve the sale of goods, in the process forced sale in administrative matters, in the process of bankruptcy and all credit protection actions.

drug offence charge crime lawyer attorney long beach california

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Recently, the firm has specialized in the management of corporate crises, including the restructuring of liabilities and the out-of-court organizational plans and the management of issues related to labor law.

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The Firm carries out consultative and support functions in the field of business law and intellectual property, paying particular attention to the technological innovations of the media and information media.

The firm has also specialized in the protection of personal data and profiles for natural and legal persons: in the Web 2.0 era, social networks, websites, blogs, newsgroups and forums are widespread and used by everyone.

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Web pages sometimes include incorrect and far-fetched information, therefore the lawyers of the Firm have specialized in protecting and controlling the profile of companies, identifying and eliminating incorrect data and protecting related rights.

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The lawyers of the firm also deal with judicial and non-legal support, complementary profiles of industrial property, such as non-legal commercial transactions, improper financing, outrageous and approaching, abuse of celebrity, low profitability, the movement of employees.

The lawyers of the firm deal with the opinions on international law and commercial sales in telematic and ICT (information communication technology), dealing with issues related to the negotiation profile at national and international level.

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Standards concerning privacy and protection at the IT level, Domain name and trademark guarantee, legal assessment regarding the electronic listing procedures and electronic invoices, protection of companies in the IT company (B2B e B2C e-commerce), legislative review in internationalization and E-International Business procedures, software protection functions, agreements with the so-called computer attachment (development agreements, user license, supply agreements, rentals, software escrow, facility management, IT outsourcing); , E-Commerce (e-contracting agreements to increase websites, access and hosting agreements, verification of compliance with European laws regarding electronic commerce); transfer agreements of know-how and / or technological means and NDA; agreements on IT Procurement.

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The firm has dealt with environmental issues since 1995, carrying out its functions both with regard to the prodromal aspect of the program agreements and Service Conferences with the PA and Energy Law, of renewable and non-renewable sources.

Thanks to their experience, the lawyers of the firm have represented well-known companies for the implementation and management of programs to use renewable energy, offering support from the early operational stages, namely planning and implementation, administrative licenses and renewable energy processing plans and not, the elaboration of license agreements, constant management of programs, planning and verification of guarantee agreements with regard to relations with credit institutions, administration of relations with promoter and public administration bodies.

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The lawyers of the firm also work for natural persons in It or other countries, on the subject of family and succession, dealing with the granting of opinions for the elaboration of wills, the distribution and protection of family assets, and support in the field of generational transfer of companies family members, as well as the arrangement of the company s assets.

The Firm also performs the tasks of examining and processing the statutes of consortia and trust agreements, both in matters of family law and in the field of company and financial law.