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The lawyers of the Firm provides legal support functions also on the subject of real estate, for the preparation of preliminary agreements for the purchase of real estate, addressing both national and foreign bodies, and deals with legal support and opinions on the recovery of financial instruments relating to acquisition operations.

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The same functions are also granted with regard to inheritance divisions, separation procedures or divorce between consorts.

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The Law Firm was born from a close cooperation of the mm-gf specialists. It is from the beginning established as a professional body, assuming other lawyers.

The work of SVA is based on the theory that, in a very articulated legal environment, the first element that the law firm must consider is the real need of the patient, and therefore a quick examination that allows the concrete solution of the topic addressed.

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Precisely for this reason, SVA is composed of dynamic and constant lawyers, with a curriculum that has allowed it to consolidate its expertise in the field of civil, commercial and corporate law.

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SVA aims to be a legal reference point for individuals and companies, thanks to the specific attention to the relationship with the client, the promptness of the management of the practices and the continuous training update.

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SVA s operating offices are located in ld, but we are able to offer support throughout the country, thanks to collaborative relationships with other qualified lawyers.

Our qualified legal support function is aimed at individuals and legal entities for any matter, especially corporate law, commercial, association and bankruptcy.

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We take care of the establishment of trusts and commercial consortia and of all other legal entities, of the management of their needs and specific requests in concrete cases, and also of the subdivision, merger, sale and bankruptcy procedures, always considering the client s requests.

Our consultative role concerns administrative causes and procedures, commercial relationships, purchase or transfer of real estate, competition, copyright, industrial monopoly and bankruptcy law.

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In order to guarantee customers a convenient solution to the practice, we take into account every fiscal and judicial factor that characterizes your case, granting you, if necessary, opinions in matters such as the establishment of branches or branch offices, so that you can obtain the highest economic benefit with the minimum tax obligations.

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We also do our work in Slovak, English, German as well as Italian. Beneficiaries of our services are therefore also commercial firms, individuals and law firms located in other countries, for which we have performed functions of conventions, lawsuits, legal investigations, and functions of representation in magistrates and state bodies.

Our lawyers can offer you specific opinions and the specialized services that you have demanded, so as to reach the set target.

The legislative order of the European Union, with regard to antitrust, has the main purpose of ensuring economic deregulation, namely the competition of companies. And the art. 81 of the Treaty of Rome which is the central point of this guarantee. It prohibits individual companies from entering into agreements (cartels) that can exclude other companies from commercial relations or the provision of services and goods.

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The specific purpose of this antitrust rule is to prohibit, obstruct and revoke trusts or pacts that constitute an obstacle for companies in the production activity, in the preparation of industrial investigations, in the decision of prices or in the achievement of economic benefits. Article. Article 85 of the Treaty states that the supervisory body of the antitrust laws is the European Commission, which performs tasks of supervision of the markets and approves the requests of the companies.

The EU antitrust system allows beneficiaries to benefit from minimum prices, reduced thanks to company competition, and to take advantage of different and better goods, as it is precisely the competition that requires companies to meet the needs and wishes of consumers. In the study, which has several offices in Ml, Rome, Bologna, they work lawyers and assistants who represent companies at the European Commission, both to notify agreements for ordinary antitrust surveillance, and for advice on non-compliance with the relevant provisions.

Public limited companies (AG). Joint stock companies are governed by the Law on Joint Stock Companies (Aktieit) of 1965, and subsequent amendments (the last one of 1996).