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The law firm is responsible for IT law and legal informatics, generally understood; the lawyers of the firm grant legal support to clients during the negotiation phase on information technology, IT, private information protection and IT criminal law.

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The LEGAL STUDIO, which has two offices, in Br and Ml, was created by GG in 1989; deals with legal support by court and not, offers personalized and qualified support, in all matters relating to civil law, at the national level, acting directly before the judicial colleges of Br, Bergamo and Ml.

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In particular it is competent in the following subjects: copyright, artistic, business, IT and negotiation. The Firm also deals with legal support in this case of criminal law, often collaborating with well-known experts in law.

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In order to guarantee an excellent specialized service, the LEGAL STUDIO has always perfected the functions of assessment, programming and use of technological means, in order to guarantee the customer a qualified and complete service.

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The Firm deals above all with community law, civil law, copyright and joint rights (in the most relevant sectors: Music, Cinema, Literature, Dissemination, Television, Radio, Fashion, Theatrical activities, Painting, Sculpture and Photo) , the laws that regulate the artistic sector and its tasks, the internet and new means of technology, and of Industrial Law (in matters such as brands, licenses, Design, etc.).

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The Law Firm was founded on the basis of the previous profession of corporate lawyer of hh, which for years has worked in well-known law firms specialized in civil, community and commercial fields. Today it is composed of autonomous members, who cooperate with important university professors.

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Fe has also specialized in Copyright Law and Conjoint Rights (in the most relevant sectors: Music Arts, Cinema, Literature, Dissemination, Television System, Radio, Fashion, Theatrical Activities, Painting, Sculpture and Photo), of the laws that regulate the artistic sector and its tasks, internet and new means of technology, and of Industrial Law (in matters such as brands, licenses, Design, etc.). The primary purpose of the lawyers of the Firm is the granting of qualified legal services, offered with competence, fairness, readiness and mastery of the subject, to guarantee the customer quality legal services, ie support or opinions, contracting and protection legal and intellectual property in all its forms, obviously considering the specific needs of the official or technical customer in the artistic field (companies, patrons, songwriters, artists, novelists, writers, interpreters, specialists, DJs, dancers, artistic directors, music directors , vestiaristi, responsible of the scenography, publishing and journalistic agencies, organizations of record production, of the cinema, of the television and of the theater, management of the relationships with the SIAE, SCF, IMAIE, ENPALS, with the magazines and the other instruments of information, etc. .).

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The lawyers of the Studio offer their services to various artistic associations, cinema, press, music and commercial (places and tasks of recreation and entertainment), with a consolidated mastery in the subject of literary production, phonography, cinema and audiovision (offering support in the constitutive, operative, reproduction and divulgation phase), assignment of rights of use with economic implications (of publishing and / or music), license of the registration right, advertising, management agreements, subsidies, conventions of instructions in the artistic field , high fashion, protection of design, information and profiles, crime of defamation by press or internet, etc., continuing immediately to highlight current regulatory aspects relevant to cases and adopting the most current and well-known jurisprudential and theoretical approaches.

The particular qualification of the study can guarantee customers a complete solution of the treated practices, beyond the implications of a particular branch of law.

The lawyers of the firm, in order to provide customers with very specific answers, but appropriate to the outcomes resulting from the issues dealt with, operate on the basis of a multi-sector approach, so as to be able to immediately identify the problems to be dealt with, which may also involve completely legal areas different (eg civil, community, commercial, labor, etc.).

The qualification of the lawyer is also associated with his considerable training program, characterized by specialization courses after graduation, and by his collaborative work

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Studio Gyt6 has been working in the field of corporate property since 1967.

It therefore performs its functions in the field of intellectual property, adopts provisions by sending patent applications and deals with obtaining patents at national level or in other countries, also working on the protection of patents, trademarks and reproductions.

The Firm carries out technical and legal advisory functions regarding the conformity of patents (both of construction and of model), of trademarks for third parties and concerning adulteration and emulation, both direct and indirect.

Oo6 is a study that offers support in the field of intellectual property, dealing in detail and with attention to patents, signatures, projects and copyright in It and abroad. Since 1992, it has represented famous national, European, US, Mlch and Japanese companies, supporting them in matters of intellectual property on all levels.

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- White-Collar Crimes - Tax Advisor - Admiralty And Maritime Law
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The lawyers of the Firm deal with the transfer, transfer and assignment of permits and trademarks throughout It and in other States, provides the function of investigation on databases and support of customers in the exercise of rights related to intellectual property, in cases of counterfeiting and in the protection of interventions that are based on third party rights.

The specialist patent office Interpatent, which has been operating since 1927, works on the following subjects: advice on company ownership; legal and technical support; processing, distribution and transfer of patents, trademarks and originals in each State; patents in Europe and internationally PCT; European and international brands; Copyright; software package; plants; seedlings; supplementary concessions; concessions; observations on patents and signatures; scientific and technical reports; domain news.

The structure is very complex. It was founded in 1878, and today has six offices and the primary purpose is the consideration of the needs of those who need precisely advice on intellectual property, such as industrial and commercial bodies in It and other countries.

He is known as one of the most qualified studios in this branch, and also contributes to the work of the b-l law firm, which satisfies customers in a prompt and effective manner, offering protection, support and representation functions in the judiciary.

Studio cb, created by the lawyer ec and with a particular specialization in the registration of trademarks, models and patents, is composed of legal experts of industrial property, and therefore takes care of legal support at every stage of the practice, such as conferral of patents in every State (national, international, Community, PCT patent), model patents (exemplary or depiction, exemplary use), trademarks (national, international, European) and artistic property (copyright), as well as software protection and the categorization of domain news, also dealing with judicial disputes, thanks to the collaboration with engineers, experts in chemistry and design. Registration National Trademark Rome Studio Consulenza Marchi - Support functions for the categorization, in Rome, of the brand that belongs to you.

The brand is made up of a badge, a term or an image that can be used to identify products or services "offered by the company and for which it was classified."

Thanks to this, the consumer is able to identify products or services of a specific industrial, comparing them with others.

A variety may be the types of membership of the mark (see Classification of paris) in its State, moreover it has a ten-year duration, starting from the day it was issued, and may also For the identification of the non-renewal of the trademark it is not only necessary to make a general mark on the market of a non-discernible trademark, but the trademark must be known.

This is the cancellation of the badge when it is not used within five years , starting from the day on which it was classified or in any case for a continuous period of 5 years, if the mark falls into several types of classifications one, the non-use for 5 years, in one or more classes, determines the relegation from the classes in which it has not been used for 5 years.

Another cause of regression of the brand is its ability "to deceive consumers" or non-compliance with the law, failure to respect the collective integrity or the appropriate conduct. It is possible to return a trademark that has expired because it is not used.