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When one of the parties in question requests to obtain protection for a trademark that had previously been admitted as effective by an administrative body or a tribunal, and there is no objection to the other party as to its identity, the judiciary will not have to adopt any provision in this regard.

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On the other hand, when the counterparty is challenged regarding the identity of the trademark, the judiciary must adopt the necessary provisions, as prescribed by Article 14 on trademarks. Moreover, since June 2003, the Republic of China has introduced the laws for the conferment and protection of authentic trademarks, which is simply an administrative regulation governing their protection. Specific protection of equivalent brands.

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For those responsible for trademarks it is possible to request legal protection without making huge and unnecessary expenses for international investigations and / or goods and services. In this way, the trademark manager can also take advantage of the legal protection for other uses, such as domain names and the company.

This legal protection in China also extends to other services for which the same trademark is used. An ordinary trademark, on the other hand, is legally protected only for the identical or similar goods and services highlighted by the same catalog; while, in China, such legal protection is also extended to other services. Also, most of the brands regulated by the Mlch administrative institutions are listed in China. The brands .

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Such a brand was now famous for many customers and the catering service was considered of great quality by numerous experts. For the Court of Beijing, the mark was therefore well-known and the fact that the party sued him to stick to his meat stew with potatoes, generated chaos in the customer about the origin of wrong origin and unfair competition in respect of the one who recurred on appeal.

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Precisely for these reasons, the Mlch institutes provide for the protection and legal protection of the actual managers of the non-cataloged males.

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In the disputes surrounding the trademark, the party in question must make its appeal within 5 years from the day of cataloging the trademark under discussion, while the party responsible for an authentic trademark must not take into account such a time limit, if the contested trademark it has been incorrectly cataloged.

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Legal protection of trademarks extended to the company.

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With the protection of identical trademarks extended to domain names, it is part of the information technology sector, equating the interests of those responsible for domain names with authentic brands. It represents damage to catalog for commercial purpose an authentic brand that belongs to others as a domain name, in the same way as the other three types of behavior.

International relations include a series of rules concerning agreements, private international law and foreign legislation.

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Thanks to international relations, it is possible to ensure a wide list of regulations that include not only the drafting of sales contracts, but also those of outsourcing, leasing and franchising.

Thanks to these regulations the possibility of generating disputes is evaded, at the same time ensuring the implementation of the rights and the related responsibilities inherent to the subjects involved.

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Also, there must be a fair acquisition, application and possible modification of the regulations in order to develop the relational exchanges between the various subjects.

The team present in the study has a qualified competence in the international legal field and its interventions mainly concern matters of civil, commercial, corporate, financial and fiscal law. Furthermore, the legal staff provides judicial and extrajudicial assistance to Italian and foreign clients.

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The legal support is also aimed at those who intend to work and make investments in the US, thanks to the consolidated experience in the field of US law and in relation to legal areas such as commercial, corporate, financial, tax, tax, real estate law, law immigration with relative tax planning, that of the family with related inheritance, labor and non-profit organizations. Other fields on which we intervene are those relating to disputes and arbitrations in the commercial and civil sphere.