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Our legal staff has also gained a qualified expertise in support to both Italian and foreign clients for the establishment and administrative management of legal entities - commercial companies and non-profit institutions.

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Our clients will also be assisted legally in matters concerning corporate and commercial law for the resolution of inherent problems: the Cataloging of affiliated institutions in the UK and in other legal positions, Investments abroad, "Green Field" investment actions and mixed enterprises, Planning of various actions - type of actions, categories and exchanges between them, Organizations and Associations, Variations of commercial companies, mergers and incorporations, Switching of companies, Company transfers, Opinions for financing the aforementioned assignments, Stipulations of management contracts , Commercial affairs, and other matters pertaining to commercial law, the legal verification of goods for which the defense of intellectual property is envisaged, Implementation of trademarks, Copyright protection, Stipulation of contracts for licenses and transfer of rights exclusive and not on issues related to intellectual property, Defense in the process when intellectual property rights are infringed, Defense before the Trademark Institute, before the Commission for the protection of competition.

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The legal attitude of an international nature has allowed the staff to develop, at national level, a qualified competence in the realization and formation of agreements at international level, ensuring defense and legal support in disputes arising from the aforementioned areas. Customers are also assisted in court proceedings relating to international default.

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Our legal staff can also assist you in Community law, with great attention to the issues concerning the free movement of goods, subjects, services, money and state subsidies; in addition, customers are also assisted in the sectors that concern the liberalization of energy fields, means of transport and communications.

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The law firm is also specialized in the field of competition both at national and community level, in the definition and explanation of news related to operations of application to the European Commission and the competent National Institutes as well as in defense of proceedings relating to offenses of dominant position and agreements to limit competition, before the European Commission and the Institute which guarantees the scope of communication.

The legal team also has a seat in the city of Brussels, legally supporting its clients in international and community at judicial and extrajudicial level, in front of international and community institutions, including the proceedings before the European Institutes such as the Commission, the Judge First Degree and the Court of Justice.

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"Nm" is an international law firm, and has other offices. The study team deals with International Law, and assists English, Spanish, Russian and Italian clients by providing efficient and also very economical legal services compared to other studies, with the help of expert specialists working synergistically on any issue related to legal framework.

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The study protects small and medium-sized companies, companies, entrepreneurs and foreign private subjects who need legal assistance in the commercial sector inherent in International Law in It, in proceedings concerning the Real Estate sector, corporate and commercial law. and of the hereditary Law; finally, it also provides legal support in the legal issues inherent in Italian Civil Law.

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The legal staff ensures studies throughout It to numerous International Law Firms present all over the world, legally supporting Italian companies and private individuals who intend to make investments or need to be defended in legal terms in the English, Spanish and Russian territories through the mediation activity of their lawyers.

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The legal staff was formed in 2007 thanks to its manager nm who, immediately, expressed his legal propensity at the international level; for this reason, the "nm" Studio was considered in 2011 and 2015 as one of the MAJOR 5 International Law firms of the "Corporate International Legal ad" and obtained the award as "Real Estate Law Firm of the Year " .

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It turns out to be the largest international law firm, it carries out its activity and its manager has been Recognized by the American Embassy present in It in the Roman Consulate.