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The same study has also created REAL, or a network for those who have experience in the legal field of Real Estate all over the world, especially in America and It. REAL is a non-profit confederation, whose essential criterion consists in the formation of a link between all the specialists of international real estate law, whose ambition is to be an example for all those involved in the Real Estate business of a legal nature .

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nm is a lawyers office that assists its clients at judicial and extrajudicial level with regard to civil, commercial, administrative, information and communication, technological, European and international law.

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Its clientele is made up of physical subjects, public and private institutions, national and international companies, banks and insurance companies. Also, the legal staff relies on the resolution of the various issues to 7 external collaborators, who have experience and great professionalism in the aforementioned areas.

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The study team also owns a Business Unit, managed thanks to 3 external collaborators who work in the European design. The studio operates throughout It, mainly in Tuscany and Rome.

The sectors on which it intervenes are civil law, the contractual sphere, the hereditary one; but he also specializes in bankruptcy and corporate law, in civil litigation, and in judicial controversies. Its clientele is formed by the overwhelming majority of commercial enterprises and freelancers, who need to be legally defended not only for judicial procedures, but also for legal opinions and arbitration procedures.

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The legal staff of the firm is authorized to defend the case before the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court, above all for matters concerning civil and insolvency proceedings. The law firm nm was established in Ml in 1997 thanks to the legal managers nm-oi, who subsequently established another study in the city of london.

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The legal staff that works there, deals with civil law at judicial and extrajudicial level, both in It and in the international territory.

The law firm was born thanks to the legal manager and today is carried out by his son, the lawyer, with the participation of two affiliates.

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The team present within the firm has developed a great legal competence on the entire Italian territory, but has also understood the importance and need to develop legal competences at an international level, forging links with other famous studies present both in It and in It. abroad. The sector on which we mainly intervene is that which is inherent in commercial law.

However, the commercial one is not the only sector of competence of the team present in the study, which is also concentrated in other important sectors through qualified and personalized assistance to its customers, ensuring at least the participation and collaboration of at least one of the affiliates for each type of question concerning the sectors on which the law firm focuses its activities. Another feature of the team present in the study is the knowledge of modern information technology and the constant participation in refresher courses and the direct and in-depth study of legal issues through periodicals, texts and magazines, which expand the library sector present in the study.

For more than 60 years, the study team has concentrated on resolving disputes, ensuring defense and legal support at every stage of proceedings before the Italian and foreign civil judiciary, as well as in arbitration procedures at national and international level, thanks to the contribution of major foreign law firms.

The lawyer s office collaborates and cooperates with 6 lawyers, and assists its clients in civil, commercial and corporate law. We must, however, be informed of all legislative changes in order not to make mistakes, for this reason we suggest you deepen and consult the site created by our legal staff.

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Furthermore, the team present in our office not only provides efficient and high-quality legal support, but also external collaborators with a qualified experience in the legal field. In this way, the legal services turn out to be personalized and also very rapid and effective, almost always getting positive results.

The fields on which the legal team intervenes are: contracts, legal opinions, arbitrations, wills, company law, company contractual agreements, family and hereditary rights.

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The firm is able to assist its customers also with regard to the recovery of claims and compensation for damages relating to the circulation of cars, health care, services and services of tour operators such as the contractual stipulations of tourist packages, decree legislative 111/95. At an out-of-court level, legal protection is guaranteed for companies, companies, the family and hereditary sectors, debt collection; furthermore, the drafting of contracts for the mergers and acquisitions of companies, trusts and trust companies is drafted.

The lawyer also has the training of a notary, so that the study could also concentrate in the hereditary sector and in the stipulation of inheritant wills, with great attention to the tax and cadastral sector.

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Commercial law is an essential field, since any company that relies on commercial activities needs real and collective rules, to carry out transactions and related relationships.

At present, the Italian republic together with other national states possesses very complex civil laws regulating commercial law. nm is a law firm qualified in commercial law, and has investigated this discipline since 1985 in the city of Turin, with the contribution of lawyers nm -lio.

The activity of the study is also concentrated in the contract sector, and with the contribution of affiliated experts such as lawyers hj, the, is able to deal with very sensitive matter such as:

- criminal and civil law, - family and child law as separations, divorces and assignments, - labor and social security law, - banking and administrative law.

Other sectors of which the study deals with unfair competition, the protection of the symbols that distinguish the company as brands, signs, and so on.

Other legal support is guaranteed for the defense of copyright, also used for software. Very effective and practiced is the legal assistance related to contracts for what concerns their drafting, transactions, reconciliations and trade agreements of all kinds.

The activity concerning the management of non-performing loans is also very active; in this regard, the legal staff optimizes the expenses with great savings in terms of money, both because it is inspired by the minimum rates, and in that it is used for procedures that require correct and correct checks.

Credit recovery always has a positive outcome, as each individual process is examined with great care. Finally, the study uses the contribution of 16 experts working within the study.

The Tax and Corporate Firm was founded in the 70s with the contribution of the lawyer, who teaches tax law.

Thanks to a valid university experience and a legal competence, the study recognizes national importance. Furthermore, the legal staff has developed their legal skills through continuous evolution, without abandoning their original system.

The firm offers its assistance to national and international companies, both in the tax and in the corporate sector; from 2011, then, he began to cooperate with dr. nm, affiliate teacher of business administration at the University.

Customers are assisted at every stage of the legal tax relationship, from tax planning, to control, verification, litigation and collection. Especially in terms of disputes, almost always excellent results have been achieved, succeeding in having great confidence on the part of the public administrations and the various associations.

However, legal assistance is also guaranteed to individual physical subjects, through collective projects achieved with the support of user federations and taxpayers.

Other fields of intervention on which the study focuses are those that concern the fiscal sector relating to corporate and commercial actions; as well as the implementation of alternative procedures to the controversy when fiscal controls are practiced, such as judicial reconciliation and approval to the minutes of confirmation. Tax controls are challenged before the Tax Commissions and the Supreme Court.

In the tax sectors that involve mergers, acquisitions, changes, sale of company shares, recapitalization, company restructuring, intragroup agreements and financial actions, we make use of the contribution of tax advisors, for greater protection against customers which requires our support.

The firm is a law firm that assists Italian and foreign clients, but also banks that invest in It and abroad, in any field of tax law, referring above all to the operations of corporate and financial institutions, real estate and financial planning.

In addition to providing advice and legal assistance regarding tax planning and related international disputes, the study team provides advice in the tax field to Italian and foreign companies to manage internal administrative activities and plan the various economic and financial strategies, thanks to the contribution of expert accountants and accountants.

Additional legal support is provided in the sector relating to direct and indirect taxes, budgetary activities and companies wishing to implement procedures relating to mergers, allocations, contributions, changes, acquisitions, payments, and finally, legal opinions and opinions are assured. in these matters.

The main purpose of the study is to: increase the resolutions that, in compliance with current laws, guarantee its customers to acquire greater legal and tax expertise in line with the evolution of its industrial or commercial activities.

Also, the clientele of the studio is assisted in the various disputes before the Tax Commissions, the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Court, but also before the ordinary civil and penal court, especially with regard to the fiscal and corporate matters.

The study team also operates in the phase that precedes the controversy by assisting its clientele in relations with the subjects who manage financial activities, to achieve self-defense procedures, investigations with participation, judicial reconciliation, and other related procedures.