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Italian and French lawyers work at the Law Firm, so they can speak both languages as well as English, coping with legal and masterly disputes also abroad, and carrying out consultative functions for companies and individuals in It and France.

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The clientele of nm is made up of private individuals and Italian companies that need the legal support of a lawyer who can operate in France, in the Principality of Monaco (Montecarlo) or in the European Court of Strasbourg, where a good knowledge of French is required for not have impediments, also due to differences in the professional setting of these organs, which can give rise to complications in the relationships between client and specialist.

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The Italian and French lawyers working at NM1 support clients in every phase of disputes, without difficulties due to language.

The interviews and communications take place in Italian, at our Italian or French office (this depends on the needs of the clientele), and lawyers take care to give you precise advice on the legal issue in which the client is involved, tracing and analyzing to the customer the process that must be undertaken or the type of support to be used, and offering support before the judiciary.

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The NM1 study in France and the Principality of Monaco is qualified in the discussion of the following topics.

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In It, on the other hand, it deals with: Debt collection and actions regarding movable and immovable property, expropriation; Property and Condominium Law; rent for houses or commercial activities; common ownership, timeshare, bail disclosures;

Family Law (separation process, Divorce or modification of prerogatives, custody of children of Italian or French spouses); successions, accomplishments of wills; Insurance policies in the transport branch, road trade; compensation for injuries resulting from a traffic accident and criminal protection; medical responsibility; Criminal and Criminal Law; Administrative bodies and tax disputes; labor law; company, business and bankruptcy; procedure for obtaining the status of residence or domicile; negotiation and contracts; iter International Arbitration.

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In the international private branch the Law Firm deals with issues related to personal status, family and legal relationships (effects, divorce and revocation of marriage with external subjects, the engagement of an external party), relations between successors and lawyers (legal substitution) , passage testament), juridical holder relationships (real estate and securities), dutiful relations (contractual, agreements or out-of-negotiation relations).

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As far as the procedures of private international law are concerned, the Study deals with: recognition and implementation of judgments of foreign judging colleges in It, protection of foreigners in matters of family rights (right to marriage, adoption and custody) and rights of inheritance of foreign subjects, support to the Customer during the trial phase before the court regarding non-observance of collective rights, design and conduct of the procedures for compensation of injuries (for indemnity established by law, the duty to grant it manifests with the iter civile) and debt collection procedures.

Elaboration of binding legal contracts: production agreements, acquisition of movable property, transfer of movable property, mortgage, rent, concession, sending of goods and transfer of subjects, conferment, contracts on the cost, of ordering , commercial representation, agreements on brokering, shipping, assessment of goods or services, on route planning, type of intermediary route, agreements on custody of credits and other rights, pacts on the deposit and notification - transfer agreements.

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Our firm, which is one of the most famous in the country of administrative law, today is composed of highly qualified lawyers.

Our lawyers deal with legal support, both judicially and extrajudicially, for public licensing and public goods licensing; they deal with environmental, urban planning and private and public building issues, expropriation, energy and trade.

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Our lawyers also collaborate constantly with university professors and institutions, and was one of the promoters of a Center for Administrative Studies in which training courses and legal studies of the branches of law dealt with by the Firm are held annually, and finally is dedicated to drafting of legal journals.

The editorial staff of the administrative newspaper of the Region, which is a supplementary magazine of the Administrative Journal, is based in our office.