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- We commit ourselves to promptly assure customers of the recovery of each amount, in addition to interest and cost increase;
- we are committed to guaranteeing the customer the continuous assessment of their legal conditions, taking advantage of the service via the Internet, entering the customer name and password to access their private area and know the status of the practice; Compensation for injuries. Liability of a contractual nature - failure to comply with the agreements, defects in the products or services provided, extensions in the adoption of agreements, criminal notes, consumer protection. Non-contractual liability - damage to individual integrity, credit rights, personal rights, right to good conditions of assets, responsibilities of administrative bodies, environmental crimes, disorders, insertions, injuries caused by minors, responsibilities of managers, injuries from products in foster care, from animals, deriving from dangerous actions or from destruction of buildings. Responsibility deriving from accidents on the road, moral injuries, of the body (constant pathologies, temporary, deaths, emotional injuries, existential, injury to the relational sphere), protection of heirs and children.

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Responsibilities of a professional nature, in the medical and paramedical fields, notarial responsibilities, specialists, engineers, architects, tax officials. Liability for signatures and patents - Non-compliance with patents, signatures, companies, unfair competitive actions.

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Responsibility deriving from criminal actions - mistreatment, unfairness of administrative bodies, humiliation, non-compliance with laws concerning work accidents, non-compliance with the highway code, cases of offense or defamation, process of trial before the Justice of Peace, constitutive civil party, accusation of civil liability.

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The Firm has been active in the main areas of civil law for more than 35 years, dealing specifically with the commercial and banking branch, at a national and supranational level. In addition, the lawyers of the firm deal with issues related to maritime law, transport and logistics.

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Legal services include both consultancy and assistance in disputes, and legal support before the Court of Co. The Firm has the collaboration of Italian and foreign lawyers, who offer opinions and legal support in cases of litigation.

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We specialize in maritime law and administrative aspects in the marine sector. NM1 has for more than ten years acquired particular skills in the field of maritime transport, both for free time and for commercial purposes (pleasant and commercial vessels), in the field of sea rent in It and abroad, in the sale and acquisition of insignia in It or other countries, European or international, registration, abolition from the registers, detection and bureaucratic direction of the smallest ferry and ship in all circumstances.

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NM1 deals with disputes concerning deterioration, injuries, attacks and clashes between various types of ships, compensation resulting from rescue, traction and insertion, boat construction and repair, expropriation, seizure and forced deprivation, insurance disputes between shipowners, holders and insurance agencies. NM1 develops, directs and manufactures stand-fitting pacts, recruitment under the command of captains and on-board workers.

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Using also the intervention of consultants and specialists in the maritime field, NM1 commits itself to work in every stage of the realization, transformation and settlement of minor boats, pleasure yachts or ships both in It and in other States, managing the contractual and the executive stage until it arrives at the delivery. It also deals with cases of manufacturing defects, even latent ones. NM1 grants opinions and legal support to the most known Italian and Foreign Shipyards, to producers of pleasure yachts and offshore boats, and to Shipyards and warehouses. NM1 is qualified in the field of sails, dealing with disputes between sportsmen and the National Sailing Federation, and the adoption of the provisions of the Regatta and disputes arising from attacks during the regatta. NM1 has represented and assisted Ligurian fishing vessels in the process for obtaining the indemnity resulting from the dispersion of hydrocarbons and the pollution caused by the sinking of the "Haven" tanker.

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He was responsible for the creation of the Ligurian fishermen s organization for exclusive fishing at the "gg". It administers the process of canceling legislation, at Community level, of fishing licenses and approval of European funds.

Our firm, which has been working for more than twenty years in the field of national and international relations, grants full legal support to companies, in accordance with its internationalist approach.

The study deals with issues related to supranational trade, foreign trade, international and comparative law, international tax, planning of assets and international substitution, private banking, and legal support in cases of disputes or arbitration procedures in the private and commercial sphere.

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The firm offers legal support and personalized services based on every need of the client, using the intervention of experts in the field of trade and international maneuvers. First of all, the firm wants to support companies, companies, executives and investors willing to take part in investments in It, France, the United Kingdom, Lebanon, Algeria, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates, Somalia, Taiwan and Malaysia. First in our country, the Firm has granted full tax support to customers, thanks also to the theoretical updating and international practice.