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The lawyers of the Firm have specialized in the branch of company agreements. They assist clients, both national and foreign, in the process of negotiating and developing agreements for the purchase and sale of shareholdings, obtaining, selling, renting companies and business units, and obtaining and leasing real estate for commercial use.

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They deal with the negotiation aspect and the elaboration of joint venture agreements, commercial agreements regarding the realization, transfer, distribution and delivery of services and products, also managing the planning of general profiles, and the elaboration of agreements of companies, concession and transfer companies and signatures, patents and know-how.

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Nm1 is a legal team that supports Italian and foreign clients in the labor law field, in the pension and trade union sector, from the time of recruitment until the termination of the employment relationship of managers and employees on the non-managerial level, in the employment of workers in famous international companies, in the implementation of complex interventions with administrative institutions, managers and key managers, in the drafting and contract stipulation of non-competition and in other agreements restrictive of tasks such as assiduous pacts, non solicitation, collective redundancies and interventions restructuring, drafting of support programs and stock options, planning of remuneration strategies, drafting of corporate regulatory documents and support in their application, collective agreements, notifications and transactions in the trade union sector, contracts including assistance pacts, collaboration agreements and project work, and specific exemptions and col lettivi.

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Non-Italian clients are also legally supported to ensure a strategic business interdependence with national legislation. Our clientele is assisted both at extra-judicial level in reference to disputes related to labor law, and in court proceedings.

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The assistance of the study is guaranteed for all sectors concerning labor law, including disputes for anti-union conduct. The lawyers present in the Nm1 study also deal with labor law, focusing on the various fields involved:

the management of internal staff, insolvency procedures, company administration, company changes and industrial activities, trade union relations, regulations on securing workplaces and accidents at work.

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Precisely because of the fundamental importance that labor and its related sectors are in our legal system, the NM1 study boasts of a highly specialized and qualified legal team in the workplace. Its legal support and support mainly involves sectors such as consortia, commercial, industrial and financial companies, both small and large, valued or not, both domestic and foreign.

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The sectors on which the team intervenes are: legal assistance in M & A transactions, implementation of union opinions pursuant to art. 47 Law n. 428/90 and art. 2 D.Lgs. 18/2001 relating to sales / attributions of business sectors and mergers with the mechanical transfer of work relationships and business restructuring: mobility procedures, voluntary redundancy incentives, CIGO, CIGS, drafting and signing of contracts melting.

Nowadays, it is very important, given its importance for companies, to plan the tax burden both on a personal and managerial level.

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If a correct planning of the state taxes is implemented, the possibility of having to sustain the weight of the taxes is avoided, on the contrary the taxes can become a feasible expense for the interested subject, as a consequence of a just political activity of growth and business organization.

That is why the main purpose of our legal action is to support all taxpayers and especially companies for the management of all the problems inherent in the growth of trade at international level, through the Community agreement and the OECD agreement.

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All legal procedures and solutions are carried out and applied in accordance with the law in force, with the adoption of all legal provisions regarding the evolution of tax institutions in all countries of the world.