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Being able to put in place a correct tax planning, increases the quality level of the company and, at the same time, ensures the political growth for what concerns the actions related to investment activities.

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It is clear that, in a context characterized by numerous economic and financial transformations and constant relations at a global level, both companies and individuals are faced with complex tax issues.

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Let us not forget that the principle on which the Economic Community is founded is the free circulation of goods, money and economic and labor activities. Currently, the business owner must consider that there are no more national restrictions and that collaboration with the international economy is fundamental, as it is possible to use opportunities for work and administrative opportunities useful for the development of the company and the its growth over another.

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In addition, companies that deal with exports abroad with investment activities are certainly more able to deal positively with the crisis in the markets, compared to those companies that base their economic activities on the domestic economy of their country.

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Precisely for these reasons, to support the economic crisis, a private entrepreneur, but also a company, has the obligation to grow economically outside his country, to extend its competition by entering into tax sectors that are more suited to its specific economic performance and work.

This does not mean only paying taxes to the state, but mainly, entering into a strategic level in economic and legal sectors, which, according to the legal system, limit the bureaucracy and increase profits.

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Therefore, the essential criterion is to make economic transactions and investments at the international level more profitable in the tax area.

To achieve such a condition, a scrupulous and careful analysis of the fiscal models present in the various countries in which it operates must be carried out, of the various and numerous agreements against the double prescription on the revenue contracted by each country as well as the Community regulations in this sector.

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Nm is a law firm whose team is able to identify the most suitable corporate models for its clientele, which can include both physical subjects and companies.

We report, therefore, the economic and investment transactions that prove profitable at the fiscal level, if applied through a correct and correct planning: Commercial Actions and international interventions, International tax planning for physical and juridical subjects, Sale, use and supply of corporate collaborations , International Unions, Speculation of trademarks and patents, Restructuring of corporate groups, Acquisition and cataloging of naval and aircraft transport, Investment and Real Estate Development, Adoption of the rules against offenses and tax evasion.

Our legal team tries to define what are the needs of its customers and to fully satisfy them in a correct and appropriate manner.

The main features of our legal assistance are: individual solutions, quick results, great customer care, specialized legal skills and expertise, fair and transparent remuneration.

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nm deals not only with legal support and assistance, but also with judicial implementation before the courts.

The team present in the firm has a close relationship with important legal staff at an international level, so it is able to guarantee assistance and support in various languages and to concentrate on activities that involve:

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the establishment of companies and confederations, start-ups, financing, corporate and company management, expansion, M & A, MBO, relocation of companies, claims for compensation, financial disruption, unfair competition regarding trademarks and construction law, criminal or civil matters.

Our clientele can also receive support in the notary sector with regard to corporate transactions, the law relating to conjugal and hereditary unions, notarial deeds and attested exams.