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The sectors in which the team intervenes are: business, business, contract law, labor law, banking law, sports law, criminal law, construction law, leases, leases, and real estate law.

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Another attitude developed by the team over the years is that which involves all the other company sectors, whose fields of intervention are: drafting and stipulation of traditional contracts and contractual requirements, for commercial activities and supply contracts in the field international, including companies and franchises and all contracts that are adopted in the international market.

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The drafting of contracts for the construction and sale of business equipment and machinery, also with the establishment of Provisional Companies of Companies and Joint Ventures, both in It and abroad, and also in Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Iran, Iraq, Quatar, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria, Kazahkstan, Russia, People s Republic of China, India, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia; Operations of outsourcing and sale of business sectors in It and abroad, leading the management of the issues concerning the various political balances in accordance with the territorial law and the attached staff.

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Resolution of the disputes concerning the relocation of Italian companies, which have settled in the territories of Ro, China, Iran, Nigeria and Kazahkistan, as regards the territorial juridical area and also the working relations and the safety of the places of work; support in Italian legislation for international companies, with particular regard to the "anti-mafia" and "corporate governance" norm; Security and change in the business activities of customers in financial, commercial and production, adapting to both Italian and European laws; procedural activities in the field of electronic commerce, such as electronic purchases, electronic collaboration with customers and the merchants sector, and machinery for the correspondence of confidential technical documentation. Legal activities related to situations of environmental pollution and regulations for the safety in the manufacturing companies of the workplace, both in It and abroad.

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Planning and implementation of legal training courses and production of self-lawyer tools for company employees.

Fiscal dispute

They belong to this sector: Appeals and appeals before Tax Commissions against tax and administrative investigations, Reconciliations and Tax Entities and administrative self-defense procedures, Taxpayers legal assistance to the bodies that administer Finance, Taxpayers legal protection in opposition to audits tax and administrative provisions.

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From our team all customer needs will be met and all their activities will be legally supported at company level.

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Also, the team of our law firm is careful in critically examining the various business contexts and the various political and economic orientations, intervening on sectors such as: assessment of internal accounts, their management and records established by legislation; Legal protection at tax and tax level, both prior and during the various disputes, as well as tax agreements; Assistance to SMEs and companies; Legal support for business matters from the time the case is established to other stadiums that need legal assistance; Legal protection in the workplace; Technical checks and controls, management of employees; Legal support in administrative management and related disputes.

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In reality, the aim of our legal team is to provide multidisciplinary legal support and support, which has to do with a series of legal sectors for which legal advice is required from customers; in this way, our clients will be able to solve even the most problematic and complex issues.