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The team of our office provides legal support in the corporate and commercial field for companies that are willing to expand and increase their economic activities in the USA. Thanks to the qualified and specialized competence of the lawyers present in the study, cultivated and matured over the years, our customers will be advised adequately in the choice of the legal model most in keeping with the goals that it has set; it will also be supported for the achievement of social security numbers, employer information numbers, and for the opening of current accounts.

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Other fields on which it will be assisted will concern the fiscal and tax obligations, the company records as assembly deeds and registers of members, regular and extraordinary meetings.

Especially in the phase in which a company or a company is set up, it is essential to carry out a meticulous and precise verification and investigation of the legal model to be implemented for the new company or company, so as to achieve all the objectives that have been set related sectors that concern: the responsibility, the capitalization of the company, the clarity of forms, the possible sale of the company or corporate mergers, the obligation to comply with the tax and tax rules of the countries involved, and limit the tax and fiscal burden in head to the company and its members.

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Our law firm is also able to implement Limited Liability Company (LLC), Limited Partnership (LP), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Corporations, and worry about the domicile and the proper conduct of the same companies. In this way, our customers can decide and establish the commercial domicile of their company or company without having to think about the many obstacles at the bureaucratic level.

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As regards the setting up of companies and their start-up, the study team is able to provide legal protection and support for the resolution of disputes and difficult issues that often occur at a later stage, such as the double or triple prescription. at the federal, state, corporate and individual level of taxation in our country and in the USA; as well as the inability of the social group to support the visa application to transfer workers to the USA or to assign shares or shares to foreign physical or legal entities.

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For these reasons our team assists Italian companies that intend to invest in the United States with transparency and in a correct manner.

nm is a study of accountants and lawyers that was formed thanks to the qualified professional skills of 4 promoters sd and fd, the subjects that operate in the corporate and corporate sector; he holds the position of Inspector of government in extraordinary management procedures for companies in difficult situations and carries out technical assistance activities by the will of the judicial authorities in particular situations of economic crisis.

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The lawyer has skilled professional attitudes in the national and international tax field; It is distinguished by its close collaboration with important international studies that are part of the networks of the most famous accounting firms, and has conducted many operations of corporate reorganization and tax planning.

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Furthermore, the companies and the subjects involved were also supported in the planning of the Group transfer-price and in the establishment and start-up of other foreign companies.

Nm is a particularly experienced lawyer who works in the stipulation of company contracts, performs his functions also within the board of directors and plays the role of first citizen in industrial and fiduciary companies, operating at a professional level also in the judicial sector. It also deals with securities of trust and trust.

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The lawyer hj, on the other hand, is particularly expert in the financial and corporate sector, whose activity mainly concerns financial reorganization operations, mergers and acquisitions of companies and companies.

His professionalism has been specializing, for over 15 years, in major financial institutions holding important positions in corporate and corporate sectors, in financial business activities where he has managed to implement large and large financial transactions. nm is made up of 20 people: 4 are responsible promoters, 4 are regular members, there is 1 expert, lawyers, 5 economics experts and accountants and 4 consultants.