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Thanks to the multidisciplinarity that characterizes the study, the professionals who work there, brilliantly, can guarantee their clients sufficient and effective legal services for what concerns the corporate, tax and business sector, both nationally and internationally.

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Professionals support domestic and foreign companies and companies, both for transactions involving acquisitions, disposals, mergers and company transfers; both for more complex interventions concerning the shift in the roles of managers and managerial executives, any company relocations, the drafting and contractual stipulations with foreign companies, the reorganization of the debt and turnaround aimed at the economic re-launch of the company.

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Furthermore, some members of the firm have acquired great aptitude in bankruptcy proceedings, collaborating with the judicial authorities for what concerns the verification and assessment of accounting.

In addition, by collaborating with various foreign teams and with financial specialists in the corporate sector, our professionals are able to ensure a concrete and qualified legal assistance in the various disciplinary areas.

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Another fundamental feature of our study is the great relationship of trust that the legal team establishes with its customers, in such a way as to assist it even in the most complex and varied situations, thanks to the constant updating and the various training courses. in which all those working in the studio participate.

The Firm assists, above all, the collaborators who need a support and a domicile for the judicial organs present in the Courts. If your needs match this, just send the application using the contacts shown below.

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After that, the lawyers will do all the necessary checks to verify if the feasibility of the case and the procedure, and if the application will be accepted, i will promptly call the interested parties.

The domicile is guaranteed for all collaborators working in other law firms, with the aim of concretely solving the different judicial causes and in a spirit of lasting professional collaboration. The lawyers present in the study guarantee both legal domicile and substitution in processes that are implemented in the Tuscan region before the courts in the various sectors:

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Application for domicile - implementation of civil law - family-work

- Securities and real estate transactions - Debt recovery - Bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings - Accident - Implementation of Condominium Law and rentals - Stipulation of Contracts.-drug offence attorney Nashville Tennessee Jersey City NJ Palmdale California Colorado Springs CO-drug offence attorney Henderson Nevada Vacaville CA Jacksonville Florida Waterbury CT-drug offence attorney Syracuse New York Montgomery AL Sacramento California Carrollton TX

The collaborators of the study have a qualified and specialized professional competence in the management of the tasks entrusted to him in the field of domicile and in the regular updating for what concerns the procedures and the different judicial causes.

The lawyers of the firm also use innovative information technology such as e-mail, e-fax, PEC, scanner, OCR software to proceed with the digitization of documents, data and information to be forwarded.

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nm is a law firm that assists its clientele for what concerns the scope of corporate and commercial law, whose assistance is also performed both online and offline. Its clients are assisted with regard to the formulation of rules concerning the establishment of companies and companies, also with reference to the drafting of deeds, by-laws, company establishment documents, through participation in joint venture agreements and capital.

Those who make investments, while being assisted in the areas that concern the defense and protection of their actions and investment activities, through the so-called "exit" limitations and any related circumstances. The sectors on which we operate are:

1. company establishment 2. administrative management 3. labor disputes 4. equity agreements 5. forecast acquisition asset 6. intellectual property law 7. contractual limitations and "online" trade restrictions.

Also, our legal team is assisted by all the physical and legal subjects who manage their business both in It and abroad and in the television company.