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Our legal staff collaborates with qualified experts to legally assist small film production companies up to the large television production and distribution company, finally, customers are also assisted with regard to copyright and for what concerns financial activities and increase in films.

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Our legal protection is assured both in the initial and final trial phase concerning the film, offering legal assistance even in IFTA arbitration. Other suggestions given to our customers include: 1. Rights * Music * Performance * Cast and Crew * Copyright 2. Director agreements 3. Producer agreements 4. Financial agreements 5. Broadcast Licensing 6. Film licenses: * Purchase - * Supply and distribution of film 7. Merchandising

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Delocalization of Italian companies: our legal staff assists you in this sector, obtaining on the one hand the reduction of costs for the creation of films, and on the other hand supporting you in new economic and financial actions, especially in countries where economic growth is still be very limited.

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This is because the delocalisations of the companies that produce films enjoy the advantages envisaged by the new location, as more appropriate tax services and facilitation in the recovery of raw materials, especially for companies whose delocalisation has taken place in countries such as China, India, Ro, Bulgaria, Poland, Canton Ticino, Brazil and Panama. Other collaborators are also present in Australia, Canada which, at present, are very developed countries.

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Accounting Assistance.

Other areas of intervention include legal assistance for what concerns direct and indirect taxes through; punctual and facilitated accounting, drafting of EEC budgets, catalogs, account and VAT registers, resource registers and budgetary surveys * and business plan *.

In the tax area, on the other hand, the following are the Physical Individuals, Businesses of subjects and capital, including VAT communications, IRAP, Judgment Criteria, Model 730, Model 770, F24, VAT declarations, Intrastat models, telematic communications and of intent, VAT declaration, Black List, ICI communication. In the Business and Contractual area, assistance is guaranteed for the constitution, variation and division of every type of enterprise, relationships between collaborators and / or between collaborators and company and / or between company and corporate bodies.

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Legal advice for the verification or drafting and signing of contracts of all kinds, both typical and atypical, in accordance with the law and the particular needs of customers.

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Accounts and Adjustments * Assistance in drafting reports in general, including stable and corporate, according to the Civil Code, accounting requirements and tax rules, including the verification and planning of accounting tools useful for programming.

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Assistance to companies. These are joined legally in the planning, conception and direct and strategic assessment of the activity achieved.

Other fields of intervention include market analyzes and audits to compare the financial and economic level with the other antagonistic companies and the related competitive areas. Drafting and drafting of Business Plan * Business Plan for investment actions to be implemented, financial lending actions with banks and community funds, international tax planning, drafting and signing of international contracts such as brands and know how, financial loans , leasing and franchising, and bilateral agreements such as elimination or limitation of withholding taxes and community regulations relating to quotas, profits and royalties, assessment of credit for taxes paid in foreign countries, currency assistance, customs, logistics, legal support at the work and trade union level abroad, mailing list, legal advice on Italian and foreign law for financing operations of import - export activities.

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Establishment of joint ventures, planning of economic growth, drafting of international tenders. Our clientele is also assisted in EU and international financing, and in the planning and defense of trademarks and patents.