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In the event that you happen to suffer stalking phenomena, or you come to find in the situation in which you are intimidated and hindered by another subject that leads you into a state of tension and psychological submission, you must absolutely contact the competent authorities and report what happened to you, and you can also demand that the inform the architect of the abuse.

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Also, you can proceed to report the aforementioned subject within 6 months, bearing in mind that such a crime can also be prosecuted ex officio if it is carried out in respect of a minor or a disabled person.

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Law enforcement agencies, health districts and public institutions will be able to give you all the information you need compared to the anti-violence institutions in the area, and during a possible trial you can request compensation for damages suffered both as assets and not as moral, physical, and so on.

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The Stalking crime, governed by art. 612-bis, clarifies: unless the fact constitutes a more serious offense, he is punished with imprisonment from 6 months to 4 years each subject that with repeated conduct, annoys and hinders another person causing a state of tension and psychological submission that determines a condition of fear for their own safety and that of their family members, forcing the same to change and transform their lifestyles.

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With the provision of the Supreme Court (25.05.2011, No. 20895), the crime of stalking, generally connected to interpersonal relationships, especially those of couples, is also used in the condominium: it is in fact punished who annoys and repeatedly offends his own condominiums , determining a strong state of anxiety and agitation in them.

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Also, the Supreme Court has emphasized that, for the configuration of the aforementioned offense, it is not necessary that the outrageous behavior is expressed against a single subject, as it may include even more people not openly involved in such action, such as individual condominiums. Such a crime occurs when there is a repetition of specific offensive acts, and intimidation can apply to only one person but also to more people, when a conduct is generated that in any situation annoys other people, for example when a person is frightened person, in a customary way, that every day and at the same time and in the same place waits for a means of public transport to reach the workplace.

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According to what established by the Court it is "unavoidable that the offense procured to a subject of the same kind acts in itself any other person of the same gender". And "if the conduct repeats itself indistinctly against the other, since it lives in the same private place, in such a way as to be, for such reasons, recipient as the previous person offended or intimidated, the event generates annoyance and fear for both" .

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In this provision it should also be noted that such a fear and tension can also arise when the subjects are not the direct recipients of the intimidation actions. To punish a subject, it is therefore useful to apply intimidatory actions, causing a permanent state of fear and anxiety or, in any case, a real fear for his safety or that of neighboring subjects, or even the obligation to change and change one s own. lifestyles.