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The law organization, first, coined the term "lms", referring to the crimes of mafia-type criminal associations that strongly damage the environment.

In addition, the mafia associations involved in the traffic and the illegal dumping of waste as well as abuses in the field of large-scale construction are called eco-mafia.

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Also included in this category are actions such as abnormal excavation, illicit trafficking in exotic animals, the destruction of archaeological heritage and the training of animals for combat purposes.

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The classic mafia associations have a considerable role in the crimes of lms, but environmental crimes are often produced by public administration bodies, control bodies and private companies.

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In fact, a study by Lms shows that the most profitable sector of lms is the illegal dumping of toxic substances or nuclear waste, carried out by companies that have been granted authorization for the filtration, management and safety of the waste .

In It, it is the Region that holds the record for the illicit disposal of toxic substances; some regional areas are now defined with specific terms, which indicate the tragedy of the results of illegal disposal.

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These crimes have existed since 1982, the year in which the legislation on the special waste cycle was adopted. For the first time in 1991 ("oo"), environmental crimes were discovered that were carried out in a wide range.

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The managers were managers and administrators, who were convicted of abuse of power and corruption by the Seventh Chamber of the Court, however, did not respond to the crime of mafia association. Since 1994 the "Environment and Legality Observatory" has been created, created by Lms with the collaboration of the Ar dei Pl; in 1997 Lms therefore released its first Lms Report, which was the first in a series of annual reports.

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The legislation provides that, under certain legal conditions, the responsibility for a particular crime can be invalidated or abolished. These conditions (called for the invalidation of the crime) are the following:

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The death of the offender, which took place before his conviction. This is a cause of common invalidation of the crime and conviction, respectively if it takes place before or after the conviction. However, the civil charges related to the crime remain valid.

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According to the art.129 c.p.p. the judiciary can establish the acquittal of the deceased manager, if he considers that the illicit gesture does not exist, or that it is not a crime or that the accused person is not guilty.

The aforementioned categories of acquittal are more useful than the communication of extinction of the crime. This specific rule is based on the principle of singularity of the sentence, which provides that, after the death of the offender, the competent state bodies no longer have to punish or establish the sentence.

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But it is the reason for invalidation provided for by art. 150 c.p. which is superior to all the others, and therefore also to extinction, except in cases where there is no element that can certify the presence of a reason for non-prosecution, of immediate feasibility according to Article 129 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, L amnesty (from the Greek αμνηστία, amnesty, "non-compliance") constitutes another reason for invalidation of crime and punishment.

It coincides with the renunciation of the State to condemn a given crime. It is a generic rule of indulgence that finds its reason in terms of political correspondence and collective order, even if today it is often an artifice of temporary reduction of the ongoing trials and evacuation of prisons.

In civil law, on the other hand, it represents the case in which a subjective right not exercised by the perpetrator is abolished for a period that is set by law. This rule is based on the need for certainty of legal relationships [1].

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In the criminal sector, it is the invalidation of a crime after a given interval.

This decision is based on the fact that, after a rather long interval has elapsed since the criminal act was carried out, the interest of the state bodies to the punishment of the same is annulled, as is the need to implement a procedure for the social reintegration of the guilty.