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Corruption occurs when the two parties act on their own to gain a common advantage. In the concussion the tax authorities work to avoid a dangerous event (certat de damno vitando), while in cases of corruption it is due an illicit advantage (certat de lucro captando).

Bribes and improper corruption - bribery and environmental corruption.

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There is talk of environmental corruption when an individual is convinced that practices such as obtaining illicit benefits are part of the validated collective practice, therefore used by anyone, and therefore considered normal even if illegal; however, the offense can be configured as such only if it is the conduct of the public official to persuade the private individual.

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This offense is governed by Article 317 of the Criminal Code, according to which: "The public official or official who uses his or her duties or duties to convince or persuade others to grant or promise money or other illegitimate benefits, must be punished with the prison from four to twelve years ".

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Crime of office and powers. The public official "exploits" his office when it is not limited only to the manifestation of the same or to wear it, but when under given conditions, episodes and modes of demonstration, is lacking of reasons that are not aimed at generating in the passive individual " exhortation or intimation to grant non-due benefits ".

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That is to say that such conduct must produce psychic subordination. There is talk of abuse of authority if the officer implements it outside of the cases or limits presumed by the law, ie when it should not exercise it or should do so in different ways.

Crimes in the construction sector are much more widespread in It than in all other European States, and currently have a social weight that far exceeds normality.

The perception of the illegal nature of these actions, which can be found even if we investigate the families involved in these crimes, is deemed absurdly so slight that society no longer condemns this type of crime.

All this has produced harmful effects in It, weakening the economy, landscapes, legality and justice. In the first half of the twentieth century the legal doctrine carefully treated the field of immovable properties and the management of the territory, but after the Second World War, policies of abusive construction spread, contravening the urban planning and construction laws.

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The word "stalking", diffused by the Anglophone theory that deals with persistent harassment, indicates cases of unwelcome and persistent actions, such as stalking near the home or in the places where the victim goes, or incursions into his daily life to make contact with she, chases, obscene or unwanted phone calls.

Also included are the actions for sending letters, tickets, e-mails, messages and unwanted goods; only in some cases of contemptuous but affectionate telephone messages (when they are ex-boyfriends or close friends), it is difficult to define the crime of stalking. Stalking is also mentioned when writing on walls or deteriorating goods, with heavy and annoying conduct, or when carrying out threatening actions, verbal or written, or physical attacks that are harmful or cause the death of the victim.

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Such actions, when they are incessant and heavy, and cause fear or mental illness for the victim, are violent, and the agent is considered a persecutor: therefore, the law of some countries provides for the punishment foreseen for a dangerous person. Stalking is characterized by particular impetuosity, repetition and constancy of actions. From the lexical point of view, the word stalk can be translated into our language as "lurking in wait", "chased disguised", "secret pursuit", "approaching in secret", "approaching in secret" (to prey or enemies).