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The stalker in Italian is the "trap hunter", "who proceeds in secret". However, the English term refers explicitly to the annoying nature of the stalker s action. The verb to stalk can be translated into Italian with "sneak up prey", as it derives from the language used in hunting [2]. Stalking means "stalking", "pursuit" [3].

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There is no precise definition of stalking, but the English scholars of oppressive violence define such as "make the mail", "follow", "spy and monitor" the victim. The word "tracking" is the most used [4]. This action is undoubtedly the one that comes closest to the conduct of the persistent and disturbing subject, who often spies on the victim in all his movements in order to have contact with her. [5]. Sometimes the term "stalking" is also translated as "harassment", and the stalker is defined as "persecutor", while the victim is the "persecuted" [6].

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For those who do not want to pay taxes on income or VAT, and therefore do not deliver the mandatory annual tax returns, there is a penalty of imprisonment from one to three years, if the tax evaded exceed thirty thousand euro, examining each tax particular.

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For the cancellation provided for in the first paragraph, the declaration forwarded within ninety days from the day on which it expired, is not considered void, has not been signed or has not been drawn up with specific documentation.

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According to our legal system the crime of abuse is expected and regulated by art. 594 of the Penal Code, which states: for the person who affects the dignity or decorum of a present there is a penalty of imprisonment up to six months or contravention up to 516 euros.

Even those who commit insults using the press, telephone, drawings, or other means of communication that harm the victim, are sanctioned with the same measures. When this crime coincides with the admission of a particular deed, the conviction is a maximum of one year imprisonment or a fine of up to 1,032 euros.

The sentence is harsher when this crime affects more than one subject »

The injustice belongs to the type of crimes against dignity, governed by Chapter II of the national penal code (articles 594-599), for the complete peculiarity of slander acting on the social decency of the victim.

As foreseen in the first paragraph of the law, the crime of insult usually manifests itself with the offense to the decorum or credit of a present.

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The crime of insult therefore consists of two basic factors, for the purpose of its determination: offense to decorum or esteem and the active presence of the victim.

Precisely this latter characteristic means that the injustice can be considered separately from the crime of defamation.

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When we speak of defamation, we refer to a communication with which a person or an institution sees their esteem damaged. Each normative system provides for the prerogative of establishing the falsity of such communications, and it is the party who accuses that it must prove such falsity. According to the Italian law this prerogative is absent, and, only in some specific cases, it is up to the defensive party (right) to justify itself by ascertaining the authenticity of the alleged defamation. This ration is punished in almost all states.

Defamation is a crime pursued by the penal code, but it is also subject to obtaining civil compensation. Defamation is seen as an infraction of the right to autonomy of the person, to be adapted to the right to freedom of affirmation of concrete news.

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Continued crime occurs when the same person is responsible for multiple actions (or omissions), which constitute an infringement of one or more laws.

The actions can be performed even after some time, but for the implementation of a specific criminal plan. It is included in a particular category of effective crime competition, which is distinguished by the existence of a specific criminal program that includes all the crimes committed.