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A non-place provision can not be issued by the court to proceed on a juridical level if it considers that a preventive measure other than expropriation must be advanced from the acquittal. Therefore, the GUP will proceed only to ascertain the existence of evidence to carry out the debate and its evaluation.

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He will be able to extend his assessment of the offense only - for the issuing of the sentence - for a comparison of the extenuating circumstances inherent to the fact attributed to the defendant. In the event that the aforementioned conditions are relevant, the sentence can be issued. Appeal.

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To appeal to the Supreme Court, for the reasons presented by the art. 606, c. p. p., the public prosecutor, the general prosecutor, and the person who has suffered the crime and has formed a civil party; the person who has suffered the crime but has not formed a civil party can challenge the case, only if the information of the preliminary ruling is lacking (Article 419, paragraph 7, paragraph).

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The defendant can challenge the case if he has not received an acquittal for not having committed an illicit or because the fact does not exist; the appeal [art. 591, co. 1, lett. a), c. p. p.] is identified in the defect that the implementation of less liberating liberating measures is generated in the defendant in probable civil, criminal or administrative proceedings, such as disciplinary or reimbursement sanctions.

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The deadline for appealing to a case is 15 days, as it is a provision implemented at the end of the advanced procedure in the council chamber. To decide in this case is the Court of Co, considering the art. 127 c. p. p. Revocation.

The revocation is regulated by art.434 c. p. p. when tests occur. The GIP implements a measure on the appeal of the PM, where the second is required to highlight the same evidence specifying if they have already been obtained: in the situation that provides a positive result, there is immediately the indictment, otherwise the investigations they are reopened for a maximum period of 6 months.

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The need was felt to juridically punish computer crimes precisely at the end of the 1980s and, indeed, on 13 September 1989, the European Council applied a specific Recommendation on such crimes which were divided into two lists: in the first the list, also called the minimum list, highlighted those offenses that had to be prosecuted by the State as computer fraud concerning the modification and alteration of a data system with the purpose of obtaining profit; the forgery of IT documents; the damage caused to information technology and programs; unauthorized access combined with the violation of the precautionary measures of IT programs; illegal interception; the adoption of unauthorized programs; the adoption of floor plans of products and semiconducts. Instead, in the second list, also called optional list, the "hypothetical" illicit acts were highlighted as: the dressing of data or programs not authorized but that does not cause damage; the informatic spy concerning the transmission of private and industrial data or news of an industrial or commercial nature; the unauthorized adoption of a processor or a network of processors; the adoption of an unauthorized program, with illicit duplication.

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Subsequently, in the XV Congress of the International Association for the Application of the Criminal Law of 1990, it was highlighted the necessity of legally ascribing not only the crimes belonging to the minimum list, but also those concerning the optional list.

The informative provisions considered during the congress took into account those already highlighted by the association and in September 1994 the Council of Europe extended, in this regard, the crimes and the criminal prosecutable conduct, including the transmission of codes unauthorized access secrets.